ATFS Lab positions itself as “the world’s first decentralized crowdfunding project in the field of agriculture and food security, based on the Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts”. According to the official resources of the company, ATFs Lab, Limited is headquartered on the Cayman Islands, with an operational development department in the Republic of Korea.


It is possible to identify standard goals of using blockchain which in the future can offer the platform: reducing the costs of maintaining documentation, ensuring the integrity and security of supply chain data, and so on. More importantly, the team will be able to implement the idea of a multi-level architecture of technologies, the described business model and stand in a row with network vendors.

Road map

The road map begins its way in 2015 and the creation of a team, attracting advisors and developing a business model. It is worth noting that no worthy business model on the website, Whitepaper or other official resources were presented. After that the team was engaged in research and development of the concept of a decentralized platform. Marketing and PR were launched in 4Q 2017.

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