Atronocomhas positioned itself as a secure platform in one of the fastest developing markets in the world. Atronocom wants to make life easier for investors and participants with simple but advanced technologies and products. Atronocom will provide practical experience and transparently guarantee and live the exchange of information between the parties involved. Atronocom wants to make the development of the research of the last years available to its customers and partners at a reasonable and safety-conscious price-performance ratio.


Project Summary

WHY ATRONOCOM Atronocom is a service to society, delivered through technology in the form of software which builds the infrastructure.

This is no dream of a single person. It is a project driven by an international group of people with the same goal of changing the way we exchange value on a global scale, affordable to everyone that has access to a mobile device like a phone, tablet, and laptop.

ATRONOCOM has been astute in identifying this market and designed a decentralized application for Android and IOS. However, the team aims to break boundaries and has additionally developed a financial ecosystem that also works with the Symbian operating system allowing access for 2.5 billion additional mobile users who do not own smartphones.

APPLICATION Atronocom is a safe, secure platform with communication and payments features. Encrypted and secured to Pentagon standards using HASH256 and RSA 2048, the Atronocom app simplifies the complex, powerful technologies of the blockchain and crypto world by providing users access to all the functionality they need within a single app.

BLOCKCHAIN Atronocom’s Blockchain and ecosystem adracha use- A “Delegated Proof of Stake” (DPoS) as the consensus protocol. The Blockchain network is generated by the delegates elected by the stakeholders. Each smartphone represents a node and has full participation in the incentive of the renting process in proportion to its process power sold to the Foundation.

ICO Details

  • Token – ATRO
  • Type – Utility
  • Price – 1 ATRO = 0.6 USD
  • Platform – Separate blockchain
  • Country – United Arab Emirates
  • Whitelist/KYC – KYC

Team and founders

  • Thomas Koller – CEO
  • Manual Fizimayer – COO
  • Maximilian Kozdroń – CCO
  • Nicolas Schmid – TECHNOLOGY LEAD
  • Marc Schildknecht – TECHNOLOGY LEAD
  • Tino Ahlers – TECHNOLOGY LEAD
  • Peter Wong – COUNSELOR
  • Matt Wei – COUNSELOR
  • Alexander Sabeti – COUNSELOR

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