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Aurum ICO
Ticker: AURUM
ICO start: 2018-11-05 09:00:00
ICO end: 2018-12-31 09:00:00
Price: 1 ETH = 5,000 AURUM
Bonus: 1
Tokens: 300,000,000 AURUM
Tokentype: ERC20
Hardcap: 75,000 ETH
Softcap: 2,000 ETH
Platform: Ethereum
Distributed: 80%
Minimum: 0.02 ETH
Accepting: ETH

Online marketplace and auction of jewelry and watches with an opportunity of appraisal by the Aurum service centers specialists.

Aurum is franchise, which services jewelry and watches all over the world A joint project between experienced blockchain developers and professionals in the jewelry and watch services.


Description is a joint project of experienced blockchain developers Graphene Lab and professionals in the jewellery and watch services Aurum. It is aimed at solving the complex problem of buying-selling-exchanging jewelry and watches with worldwide service centres warranty. As for now this operations are risky both for customers and for sellers. can make the process safe and easy. The customer can profitably sell, exchange, buy watches and jewelry worldwide.


Q1,Q2 2019: Set up representative offices in Moscow, Berlin, Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo, New York.
Create a single register with product passports based on Graphene technology.
Enter product events data. Start the auction.
Q3,Q4 2019: 20,001-40,000 ETH.
Set up representative offices in London, Paris, Beijing, Bangkok, Singapore, Los Angeles, Ekaterinburg,
Nizhny Novgorod. Enter into a contract with jewellery and watch manufacturers in order to create a complete chain
in a blockchain. Create an auction using smart contract to automate the purchase and sales of products.
Q1,Q2 2020: 40,001-60,000 ETH.
Set up representative offices in Madrid, Rome, Hanoi, Dhaka, Yangon, Chicago, Houston, Novosibirsk.
An integration of blockchain platform with an API of existing auctions and large jewelry networks.
The expansion of a functional of an interior auction is a creation of lots from verified users, the
development of Aurum Passport.
Q3,Q4 2020: 60,001-75,000 ETH.
Set up representative offices in Mexico, Jakarta, Karachi, Delhi, Rio-de-Janeiro, San-Paulo, Kazan.
An integration of other industries into blockchain platform.
The automation of process.[1]


name: title: links: group: photo: iss:
Vladimir Sheremet Founder; Vladimir Sheremet photo 3.8
Alex Smirdin Co-Founder Alex Smirdin photo 3.8
Dmitriy Bukin Co-Founder Dmitriy Bukin photo 3.8
Artur Tarapanov Executive director Artur Tarapanov photo 3.8
Vyacheslav Denovsky Development director; Vyacheslav Denovsky photo 3.8
Alena Zhukova Marketing director; Alena Zhukova photo 3.8
Denis Semenov Technical director Denis Semenov photo 6.9
Ilya Siyalov Project manager; Ilya Siyalov photo 3.8
Igor Demin AC Consultant / SC Developer Igor Demin photo 7.2
Alexandr Sorokin UI/UX designer Alexandr Sorokin photo 3.8
Aleksey Sysoev Regional manager Aleksey Sysoev photo 3.8
Igor Kalugin Regional manager Igor Kalugin photo 3.8
Scherbitskiy Konstantin Regional manage Scherbitskiy Konstantin photo 3.8
Vladimir Kohonov Regional manager Vladimir Kohonov photo 3.8
Denis Berdihin Geniral director Denis Berdihin photo 3.8
Ruslan Salihov Blockchaine Developer Ruslan Salihov photo 3.8
Igor Romanov Core Blockchaine Igor Romanov photo 7.9
Olga Pachenkova Cryptography Developer Olga Pachenkova photo 3.8
Ekarerina Gorshkova Frontend Developer Ekarerina Gorshkova photo 3.8

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