AvailCom establishes the new standards in the sphere of renting both movable and immovable property. Traditional methods of renting, when the tenant and the landlord must meet in person to sign a contract and give out the keys, are mercilessly passing away. These principles of a partnership simply do not go along with the modern world, where the time and convenience have a top priority.

The technology of blockchain is increasingly entering the life of ordinary people. More and more platforms today are based on decentralization and shared using. The AvailCom team of developers isn’t an exception. Keeping in mind all the advantages of the blockchain, it was decided to create an ideal and reliable service for renting cars and real estate on this technology.

For the tenants

Suppose, you have to visit the. The first question arises: where to settle down? The ideal choice is renting a room, an apartment or a house. One of today’s popular rental services helps you to find the right option and contact the owner. But then a problem appears. You have to set up the time of meeting with the landlord which is unnecessary loss of time and money because the services charge a high commission – up to 30% of the rent cost).

The AvailCom team has set up a goal to eliminate the need for a face-to-face meeting and build up a platform that allows keyless access to rented real estate through just a few clicks. The ideal approach to solve the issue of the rent, isn’t it?!

Under the same scenario, the AvailCom platform will allow you to rent a car and get it in use without keys right away after the payment is done.

For the landlords

Now a few words about the owners of movable and immovable property who plan to make money by giving it to rent. We have developed a number of special devices to be installed in the apartment, house or car. Using those devices you are able automatically search for tenants and hand over them your property through the AvailCom platform.

There is no problem with the installation of the devices, because sensors and cameras get attached with no harm for the interior and the automatic lock does not require a change of regular lock. For more details please visit the website of the platform.

Security of the deal will be ensured by customizable smart contracts and decentralized storage of data that will not allow anyone to manipulate ratings and feedbacks.

The safety of owner’s property will be higher than under a regular deal, since the security system is elaborated to the smallest detail. And by the means of additional sensors and owners notification system, they can stay worry-free about the rented objects.

For the investors

AvailCom is a team of highly skilled specialists in various fields, whose target is to implement the idea of innovation. Our works-out are not the fiction serials, we set up the real and achievable goals, that can bring success to our investors.

We offer all involved into the project very beneficial conditions, especially large profits are provided at the stage of a closed sale. For additional information go to the official website.

We have prepared a number of rules and restrictions that protect the money of participants. Moreover, we conduct a public offering of tokens according to the DAICO concept. That makes the project more solid, so that investors can feel good about it.

Each participant has the right to vote, which will influence the development strategy of the project as a whole.

In conclusion

The methods of property renting haven’t been changed for centuries, whereas the annual volume of the rental market shows a steady growth. Our platform is going to revolutionize the market of real estate and introduce new rental standards.

At this stage we are working on:

• devices prototypes providing a keyless access to the objects; • risks and restrictions when signing deals through the platform; • creating of documentation base on labor resources management; • documentation on competent financial management; • platform prototypes, users interaction optimization, logic of cooperation.

Web-Site: https://availcom.io/

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