B3Coin is a decentralized and open source platform that allows users to earn on investments and mining. The platform concept is based on a Proof of Disintegration algorithm.



The goal of B3Coin developers is to create a truly fair and transparent token distribution mechanism. To do this, they decided to introduce Masternodes and the Proof of Disintegration.


  1. The use of the payment system Lightning Network. Thanks to it, the platform boasts low fees, instant payments and the ability to scale.
  2. Ease of use. Taking into account other types of digital money, it can be stated with confidence that this token is very convenient in operation.
  3. Proof-of-stake protection methods. This algorithm is 12 times faster and 12 times safer than the SHA-256 Protocol used by the Bitcoin blockchain.
  4. Reliability of operation. B3Coin is an absolutely decentralized, transparent and independent open source coin, maintained by its community.
  5. The rate of payments is up to 10 thousand percent. The service has become one of the most profitable projects the market has ever seen. Users can get a reward, helping in the development of the site. The system will operate until the limit of 80 thousand blocks is reached. Because of the refusal of the instamine and premine, B3Coin is using other restrictive measures. After creating the required number of blocks, the Protocol of burning extra coins will be launched, which allows to reduce their volume.
  6. High performance. Operations are performed almost instantly. On average, each payment is made in no more than 1 minute. The withdrawal of the earned funds also takes a few minutes.
  7. The placement of tokens at several major cryptocurrency exchanges. Among them, Cryptopia, CoinExchange, Novaexchange.
  8. Active support of the team. The project team has pages in all popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter and others).
  9. Availability of wallets for different operating systems (Windows, Mac).

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