BDAM Foundation

British Digital Asset Management– is a Hong Kong based foundation that offers a variety of financial products and services while aiming to bridge the missing link between the crypto world and the fiat world.


It consists of:

  • BDAM Exchange (BDAMX), a hybrid exchange containing the features of both centralized and decentralized architectures. The BDAMX Exchange will start its operation by allowing crypto trading in the leading cryptocurrencies with the pairs such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, BDAM Token, and other selected cryptos. Moreover, the management at BDAM Foundation believes that this platform will serve as a cornerstone of the foundation’s long-term plans for creating an entire financial ecosystem using blockchain and modern-age fintech.

Concerning the overall security of the Exchange, the security team has included bank-grade security and privacy features in the exchange to minimize the risk against attacks. In addition, the exchange will only be launched after it has been tested thoroughly for the soundness of security. Any security gaps found in the testing will be removed, and the Exchange will undergo several rounds of tests before it is made available to the public for use.

  • BDAM Pay, a decentralized payment gateway serving as a multi-coin supported wallet and allowing merchants and store owners to use it as a PoS solution provider while enabling consumers to use all leading cryptocurrencies as payment methods directly via these PoS agents. Furthermore, it also offers a dedicated Crypto based Debit Card functionality as well.
  • BDAM dApp Store, a decentralized application store allowing developers of all sorts i.e. individuals or small and medium scale enterprises to list their decentralized applications and enjoy cost-effective, fair monetize policies. It further offers a variety of software development kits and tools, helping these developers utilize to develop the best dApps in the most cost effective way.
  • BDAM Coin, a decentralized peer to peer coin which acts as the native coin of the BDAM Financial ecosystem and allows its users to exchange or store value in a peer to peer, decentralized way.

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