Bean Cash

Bean Cash is an open source digital platform that started in the winter 2015. The project team focused on network scalability, high transaction speed and low fees. The developers tried to create a coin that would favorably differ from Bitcoin and solve all its main problems.


Since the launch of the project it managed to change several owners and to change the name three times. It was originally called “TeamBean”. Apparently, considering the response among the community members insufficient, almost immediately after the start of the platform team decided to abandon its further development. The system was acquired by another group of developers, whose members are still in no hurry to reveal their identities, assuming that anonymity is a guarantee of security for themselves and their loved ones. This team has only 5 employees: the head of the site, the lead programmer and 3 assistants.

How to get

The system is based on the SHA-256 hashing algorithm and uses The POS security mechanism. Participants of the platform, who decided to mine its coins, will only need to install an electronic wallet, and then transfer a certain amount of internal currency to it. The speed of obtaining new tokens depends on the amount of money that the user will own.

A total of 50 billion coins should be generated, the reward for the block is 1 thousand. About 2 billion coins have been produced now. According to experts, the issue of tokens will last for almost 100 years.

In addition to PoS mining coins can be bought at several trading venues: , , . The token goes in pairs with USD, Ethereum, Bitcoin, ruble and DOGE. The Bean is also a reward for certain actions on the platform.

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