Government and Bitcoin are head-butting in a few places around the world. Belgium is just one of the many governments around the world that struggles to understand Bitcoin. So, it comes as no surprise the Minister of Justice is in cahoots over the potential use of cryptocurrency in the country. He is currently attempting to collect all currently circulating currency. Unfortunately what he and others fail to realize, is the fact that you can’t just force people to hand over their cryptocurrency. Whoever has possession of the key to a wallet has access to it. So, why would someone just willingly hand that over? Learn more about hardware wallets here.

Because Government exists in such a way that it desires control, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies inherently are “bad”. Now, this “bad” stigma really only stems from the fact that users are not required to go through a centralized point to transmit data in the system. Centralized platforms require just this, and is the reason why government entities love them! They make combing through data for more manageable and simplified.

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