BeTreasury Asset Management AG


BeTreasury Asset Management AG


The company was founded 2018 and headquartered in Zug Switzerland, with an ultimate goal to offer modern solutions and alternatives to financial institutions better engage with their consumers, continuously increase value and provide premier performance to their products and services.

BeTreasury combines solid technical capabilities from our strong team of experts in the fields of blockchain technology, artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, finance, information technology and various automation solutions.

Innovations from BeTreasury are driven by data analysis, market intelligence reports, research and consultancy throughout the financial sectors across the globe. Such information allowed BeTreasury to develop a new era of finance; fast, safe and available worldwide, helping individuals and businesses. BeTreasury is building an ecosystem that connects traditional finance with modern finance, breaking the boundaries of payment services and transform the current payment methods.

With open mind and vision, BeTreasury’s commitment is to make payment the easiest way possible, beyond borders, beyond time, beyond limits.



BUSD is the very first Dapp project founded by BeTreasury.

BUSD is a cryptocurrency that is issued with USD as collateral, 1 BUSD=1 USD. It will initially run temporarily on the Ethereum blockchain, but in the future, all transactions will be performed on a highly scalable blockchain called the Fincubate (FCB) Financial Blockchain, which is using Graphene technology to realize a high throughput, capable of supporting high-frequency financial applications, allowing BUSD and other financial apps to be much more efficient and convenient. As soon as BUSD is issued, it can be used by BUSD wallets for transactions, for payment, for wiring, for reserves, etc. just like any other cryptocurrency. Customers can also convert between BUSD and USD at any time.

Behind every BUSD is a US dollar in capital reserve, or in other words, 100% of all BUSD in circulation has a corresponding USD asset in the custody of a third party financial trust as a reserve ratio. BUSD accepts supervision from financial regulatory bodies, and can be strictly audited by accredited third-party accounting and law firms. This guarantees transparency at all times and sets a high standard of trust.

Why Switzerland

Zug, the “Crypto Valley” of Switzerland. A place for a population of a little over 30,000 as of December 2017. Once a fishing town in the middle ages, is now the primary hub of the growing number of multi-million dollar blockchain companies.

Zug, being known as the Center of the Movement, urges to develop progressive laws towards blockchain technology. Its decentralized move attracted many blockchain project entrepreneurs, start-ups and professionals that are looking for a home despite all the uncertainties of the international legal framework and different overview on regulations. With Zug’s government support and its revolution to legal framework, guarantees stability and will further boost the momentum for blockchain.

These factors highly attracted BeTreasury to establish a foothold in a jurisdiction where its project will not be disrupted and that laws and regulations are inclined towards its vision.

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