BitBetter is a network of sites related to BitCoin services.

It currently consists of BitGamer, BitJobs, BitChanger, and BitBuyer. Other services are added regularly.



BitBetter started in May 2011. It is co-owned, however it is powered by the users. Their dedicated mission statement is to provide a safe, fast, and fun way to use your BitCoins online.


BitBetter is co-owned and operates in the United States of America.


The first P2P Bitcoin-based Gaming Network. Contains all the resources you need to start your BitCoin gaming experience, plus they offer free game hosting accounts for any of the modern multiplayer games and also casino games, where you can win BitCoins! Simply sign up for a hosting account, schedule your games, decide your terms, and make some Bitcoins by taking a rake.

They also schedule tournaments for games frequently. Sign up for blog updates for more information. This is a perfect way for BitCoin beginners to make some coin, quickly. You’ll leave with some BitCoins or our name isn’t BitBetter!


BitJobs is a website where job-seekers can meet with applicants in the BitCoin industry. This is the premier resource for linking organizations with successful employees. Simply place a job opening on the website and wait for job-seekers to contact you.


BitChanger is a currency exchange that works similar to systems like Mt Gox or Tradehill, but the users get to choose from whom they buy or sell. They have established a reputation system so that transactions are more secure. Users can leave feedback for each side of the transaction to let others know who to trust.

The auction system is run by the members. Users are able to set how long they wish to leave their listing active. They can also choose a buy-it-now option. Upon check-out, the winning bidder will be given a BitCoin receiving address (or whatever payment method was chosen to use to fund the transaction.)


BitBuyer will place orders for it’s users for anything online or off. The service enables users to spend their BitCoins the way they want to spend them. Their pledge is to provide exceptional customer service even for unusual requests. It works (usually) by submitting a request for a quote, view the generated page on BitBuyer’s website with payment information, pay your BitCoins, then get your item in the mail. BitCoin escrow service is available for more high-value transactions.


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