Bitcoin Atom

Bitcoin Atom blockchain is a network build on hybrid consensus.



The introduction of both PoS and PoW allows users to protect the blockchain more securely and makes it possible to earn money by mining and simply having a positive balance on the wallet.

Some cryptocurrencies use only one of the consensus mechanisms, but the trend is to apply both, as in the Bitcoin Atom blockchain.


The list of disadvantages of Bitcoin Atom is quite significant:

  • The site has no data about the developers, it is not clear who is behind this project, and what are the goals of the team.
  • No Whitepaper, which means no attention from developers to the presentation of the project.
  • Roadmap has no plan to promote the Bitcoin Atom platform. Plans after 2018 are tied to the launch of Lightning Network.

Where to buy

Bitcoin Atom cryptocurrency has been listed on several exchanges:

BCA can be bought for USD, BTC and ETH. There are no direct exchangers except Yobit, where users can convert it to Bitcoin and exchange it for fiat through any reliable service.


Bitcoin Atom can be stored on these wallets:

  • Coinomi;
  • Atom Wallet;
  • ESR.


The coins on the SHA-256 algorithm are mined with Asiks, but given the low rate of BCA, it will be unprofitable to spend power on the extraction of this coin. That is why miners get Bitcoin Atom through pools.


Several pools support this currency:

  • More TBA;
  • MultiPools.

Miners say that many pools do not want to be included in the production of Bitcoin Atom, and some enthusiasts spend mining Bitcoin, and then convert it to BCA.

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