Bitcoin Hedge Fund

The first hedge fund to be exclusively financed with bitcoin (BTC). This fund is designed to give a return for people who want to use BTC as an investment tool while significantly mitigating the volatility of the value of BTC.

<font style=”color:red;”>NOTE – The site does not list any address or list its location. The web site domain is privacy protected and was registered just ten days before launch. The launch announcement was made by a forum member using an account that shows having oined the bitcoin forum community for a few weeks prior. It isn’t shown who will manage the fund. Proceed at your own risk.</font>

Invests in a diversified group of exchange-traded funds (ETFs), domestic and international bonds, and derivatives (mainly stock options).

The purpose of the fund is long-term capital appreciation that outpaces the S&P 500.

Bitcoins received by the fund are converted to USD.

To maintain stability and liquidity, initial deposits may not be withdrawn for a period randing from 21 to 90 days, depending on how early the deposit was made. Withdrawals are in the form of BTCs and are sent to the bitcoin address associated with the account.

This site was launched on June 24, 2011.



There will be no management fees through 2011. A small management fee may be initiated in 2012 (with prior notification) of up to 1%. There is no front-load fee, but there will be a back-load fee of 2%.

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