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Bitcoin Market was a bitcoin currency exchange site and an IRC channel that provides a datafeed of trades being conducted on the exchanges Bitcoin Market and Bitcoin Central.



The website was established on 17-March, 2010[1].

It is continued to update and the major one occurred in March, 2011. The main changes were: smaller trade size, 24 X 7 trading, and some steps to help ensure that payment would be made for trades that execute.

There was an opportunity to trade with the help of PayPal, however, fraud caused the exchange to discontinue PayPal trading on June 4, 2011[2].

The major currency of website was US Dollars, so all the graphs of the Bitcoin exchange rate were BTC/USD and etc. This data was available in JSON format.

Feed data example

(08:20:55 AM) gribble: BCM| NEW ASK|PPUSD 1000 @ $0.3900

(08:29:58 AM) gribble: BC | TRADE|LRUSD 50.0 @ $0.385

(08:59:20 AM) gribble: MTG| TRADE| 500 @ $0.3825

(08:09:07 AM) gribble: MTG| TRADE| 41 @ $0.383


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BCM Bitcoin Market

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