Bitcoin Marketing Team

The Bitcoin Marketing Team ( is a specialist Bitcoin Marketing Agency, based in Dublin, Republic of Ireland.

Company Background It is founded by Jamie McCormick, a veteran of the Irish video games industry, and was set up to give practical advice, skills and services to bitpreneurs across the world. He has written extensively about the Irish Games Industry, where he has worked since 2000, and in 2014 launched the Bitcoins In Ireland website ( to write about his experience mining bitcoin, setting up ecommerce, using bitcoin faucets, spending bitcoin in a range of online stores, and selling bitcoin through exchanges.

Company Services The company provides a wide range of consultancy services. These include help with business models, marketing and communications strategies, advertising, as well as improving the user experience on their products and services.

Coming from games into bitcoin is very similar, so the company offers advice on landing pages, conversion funnels, and analysis.

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