Bitcoin Sports Trade

Bitcoin Sports Trade

Bitcoin Sports Trade is a new user vs user bet matching site. New Bitcoin Sportsbook features an innovative platform that promotes Bitcoin growth within and beyond the online gaming industry.

This betting platform lets you to choose your own point totals at even odds. This gives players the power to dictate what the ‘true’ line is.

To simplify this concept think of it in terms of a bitcoin exchange (like bitstamp, campbx, coinbase , ect) in the sense that there is no actual “Real” set price of BTC, the price is determined by the supply and demand of the customers and a recommended price is then set on the exchange based on what the last trade(s) closed at. This is how players determine what the “True” line is, just like a bitcoin exchange does.

In addition to being able to create your own lines you can do so without paying any additional Juice! All bets are always at even money.



Traditional sportsbooks offer the ability to take a better number on a current line but they will charge you extra juice which can make the bet far too expensive.

With more than half of the overall Bitcoin economy backed by this thriving sector, Bitcoin Sports Trade CEO Tyler Wilson views this virtual currency as a good financial investment, banking on the peer-to-peer concept he fully supports. According to Wilson, investing in this virtual currency, specifically in the online gambling industry, presents an opportunity for Bitcoin to continuously grow. Much more if the strict US regulations on Bitcoin gambling favor this endeavor. This led to his motivation to create an online Bitcoin gaming business that aims to unify sports wagering communities online that are based from all over the world—the Bitcoin Sports Trade.

Bitcoin Sports Trade, a head-to-head bet matching platform, is an online sportsbook that uses the Bitcoin technology to completely empower the bettors by giving them control over their betting sessions through free-market wagering.

Different from how the common Bitcoin sports betting sites function, this sportsbook enables its clients to create their own betting lines, which will serve as the basis of the bet matching feature promoted by this Bitcoin sportsbook as compared to the set, book-imposed odds that maintain the house edge. Wilson hints that by allowing the activities and demands of Bitcoin users to set the market, the digital currency will eventually experience more growth, making this concept a highly attractive option to further push the Bitcoin online economy to reach its maximum potential in the market.

However, online gambling can do so much. Nonetheless, the initiative of Wilson’s Bitcoin Sports Trade will prove to be instrumental in the online gaming industry’s acceptance and promotion of the idea of market values that are influenced and set by the preferences of the actual Bitcoin users.


The only fee is the bet matching fee of 3.5% which is deducted from completed bets.

Anonymous Betting

To create an account all you need is an email address.

Instant Payouts

As soon as a contest is competed your account balance will reflect your winnings and you’ll be free to withdraw your BTC instantly.

No Minimum Withdrawal

There are no withdrawal minimums so whatever amount you win you can instantly withdraw at any time.

No Withdrawal Fees

There are no withdrawal fees.

Live In-Play Betting

Bet while you watch the game. Not only can you place bets prior to the game starting, you can bet at any point during the game. You can follow the game and make bets on the fly.

100% Affiliate Commissions!

The affiliate program features 100% affiliate commissions for the first month! After the first month earn up to 50% commissions by simply referring 2 new members each month. All commissions are paid in BTC.

Commission Earnings are Paid Out Instantly

Unlike traditional affiliate programs that usually take over a month to get paid, commissions are paid out as soon as you earn it! Your account balance is credited instantly.

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