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BitcoinTalk is the largest and one of the oldest message boards dedicated to blockchain and cryptocurrencies on the Internet. It was founded by Satoshi Nakamoto on November 22, 2009, and is a direct successor to his first SourceForge forum, which is now lost.


The site contains a lot of information about the bitcoin sphere, presented in different languages. The digital currency is permanently connected with difficulties, but in this forum it is easy to find the answer strongly to any question. If the user of the forum could not find the necessary information, he can create a topic for discussion on his own and get data from practitioners – experienced members of the crypto-currency community. A team of resource managers are also able to help users to find relevant information and publish it on Bitcointalk.


Initially, BitcoinTalk was a forum where people interested in technical details and everything connected to Bitcoin software could communicate with each other. Now it hosts a lot of different sections covering all the major areas of cryptocurrency world, including one made specifically for ICOs. Thanks to its huge user base (more than 464,000 community members) BitcoinTalk soon became a valuable traffic source for everything connected to cryptocurrency.


How to post and reply at

The forum has an extensive section breakdown, from technical discussions, project development and mining, there is a lot of material for new users to log in and participate in veteran users. With separate sections for the economy, alternative cryptocurrencies, and even local boards in over 20 languages other than English, there are very few in this forum but a very dated design structure and complex use of search features.

Some of the brightest minds in cryptography are also active in the forum, and you’ll be communicating with expert developers, codons, and business owners, though mostly working under pseudonyms. A competent team of staff and moderators also keeps the forum clean by modulating chatter and offering technical support to user-related issues.

Prosperous microeconomics

In addition to the discussions (and trolling, and flaming!) That occur rapidly in bidentate, a bitcoin and violas actually changes hands between users here. In the “Economy” section there are whole sections devoted to this section, where you can discuss cryptocurrency trading, buy and sell goods and services and even promote your own business.

On this forum there are a few freelancers, including writers and graphic designers who will quickly take a bit of coin.

There are also a significant number of “signature campaigns” unique to the forum where people are paid to advertise a product or service. Nowadays, a new ICO or a new Altcoins is usually launched, but there are many other new websites and services, such as casinos and exchanges, that use the forum as a launcher to get the word out in their new business. A diligent user can earn a modest income by simply participating in forum discussions with ideas that promote development – each message displaying advertising in their signature and borrowing cryptography.

Campaigns usually work with bitcoin budgets of thousands of dollars, but they reportedly bring in more advertising than regular Internet advertising.

Also unique to the forum is a user-oriented trust system that allows users to give positive or negative feedback to each other, creating their own network of trust. While it does have its drawbacks (feedback can be false), it usually serves a good purpose of determining whether you deserve the attention of the user you are going to handle is trustworthy or not.

Users must abide by the rules

Administration sets certain rules for the use of the resource that the forum has always supported friendly relations between the users and the cooperation between them has continued to be productive. Bitcointalk has rules that regulate the activities of Users on all branches. If you want to see their full list, you will need to open the “Unofficial list of official rules”, which indicates each of the actions prohibited on the resource.

The most important rules include three prohibitions:

  • on the use of obscene language;
  • on intentional offtop and the creation of empty topics;
  • on spam referral links with a call to go to another resource and the creation of topics for fundraising.

“Special” attitude to newcomers

Depending on how long ago the account was created, users have certain ranks and, in accordance with them, the possibilities on Bitcointalk. The administration imposes a large number of restrictions on newcomers. They do not have the ability to open new topics and can write entries only in the relevant section (called “Newcomers”). These restrictions do not prevent newly minted members of the crypto-currency community from finding all the necessary information regarding cryptocurrencies and mining on the forum branches.

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