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BitCore is a hybrid fork of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. The new crypto coin was created on April 2017. It provides the core functionality needed to develop apps for bitcoin. It is open-source and developed by Bitpay. Alternative fork running Bitcoin Core

The purpose of this cryptocurrency project is to create a decentralized coin with similar specifications as Bitcoin but based on a new (empty) blockchain, with the best features implemented to allow for a maximum transaction capacity and GPU-based mining.


Bitcore (BTX) Review

Bit Core operates on version 14.0 of the purse. Among other add-ons, we offer coin-activated features such as Segway and Bloom. The block size is 20 MB, while the block time, the total number of coins and the reduction time are twice the same as BTC.

Technical characteristics of the coin

The kernel : 14.1
Amount : 21 million coins
Unit size : 10 MB (20 MB SegWit))
The duration of a block : 2.5 minutes
The size of the blockchain : less than 300 MB
The algorithm of mining : timetravel 10 (GPU)
Segwit and Bloom : in working mode
Complexity algorithm : Diff64_15(recalculation)


Bitcore like most other altcoins is decentralized and getting BTX via mining is fairly easy. You choose a mining pool, set-up your GPU mining software and start mining BTX.

Bitcore Price

The BTX price is available online with the help of following widget:


Mining Bitcore (BTX) on GPU AMD + NVIDIA


The project was successfully launched. The first block of BTX has been found in our network at 00:59:57 GMT. The corresponding snapshot amount was moved to the BTX wallet.

The first week after launch. Coverage in social networks and the introduction of the exchange lists. Coin news can now be found on Slack, Twitter, Bitcointalk, Facebook and on our multilingual Telegram channels. BitCore gets its first admission to trading on Cryptopia.

May 1 – November 1, 2017

Switch to full-featured mode. After a successful start, project also launched a new service flow requests. Until November, through the use of signed messages from addresses that contained Bitcoin,~ 600,000 BTX was paid a total value of about $4,000,000 for that period.

November 2017

Admissions and social media. Began trading on Trading volume was in excess of $750,000. Bitcore’s community is rapidly growing, we have a Telegram channels in seven languages, in addition, many publications are being posted on major news media sites.


Expansion. The company works hard to equip BitCore with new features as well as to improve and Refine the coin.

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