BitForx is a Cloud Mining service provider that currently sales Bitcoin and Litecoin mining Contracts. BitForx is a growing company that was based in Tbilisi, Georgia and now is merging with the Global crypto markets.


Company was based in Tbilisi Georgia, in January 2017. It is a side project of a company named 4XCORP.The group of entrepreneurs with boundless experience from different fields, who understand the transformative potential of blockchain technology and trying to develop solutions for bringing value for Individuals and businesses, were creating different projects on a related matter when they realized all the issues and the problems that came with Physical mining, the demand on cloud mining was calculated and now they offer their Audience great services for a cheap price.

At first BitForx sold its’ Bitcoin mining contracts on Georgian market. After the obvious success they started selling contracts for International customers as well.

BitForx has a mining farm located in Kutaisi, Georgia with more than 10 000 modern miners.


Their services allow customers to lease mining equipment from their Mining Farm and generate extra income by cloud mining cryptocurrency.

  • Bitcoin Mining
  • Litecoin Mining
  • Bitcoin Cash Mining

Besides cloud mining, BitForx is a secure Digital Wallet with both hot and cold wallet. Hot wallet allows customers to use it for transactions. Cold wallet is a digital wallet that doesn’t require internet connection, it works as a savings account and is unhackable.

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