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The way bitcoin or any other public-blockchain transactions work causes them to be chained together in a permanent public record. They are traceable along the blockchain from one crypto address to another.
A mixing service can be used to mix one’s funds with other’s, with the intention of confusing the trail back to the fund’s original source. Therefore, bitcoin (or other coin) mixer helps protect privacy of your bitcoin transactions.
Our service has existed since 2017 and for all the time we have only positive reviews.


  • Multi language support
  • Bitcoin and Litecoin support
  • Support for Clearnet, Tor and NoJS version (without JavaScript)

About Us

  • Minimal amount for mixing:

0.005 BTC or 0.015 LTC

  • Instant transfer

Coins will be instantly transferred to your address after confirmation of your transaction. There are already cleared (mixed) coins in the reserves.
When a user completes a transaction through a mixer, completely clean and anonymous means are sent to the recipient.

  • Fully anonymous

We request a minimum of necessary information, hard drive encryption and never store any logs. All entries are removed after 72 hours or instant with request in order page.

  • Ability to set custom fee (0.4-4%)

If attacker knows the service fee, he can analyze blockchain to find exact sum transferred and discover your destination account.

  • Code for lock your previous coins

After your first exchange you will receive a special code. This code makes sure that you will never receive any of the previous coins you have added to our reserves in any subsequent transactions you make with BitMix.
In other words this ensures that you remain untraceable.

  • Support randomize option

Randomize options allow you to receive more than one back transaction to your wallet from our service.
Without this option while use our service you’ll get one backward transaction with clear coins, but if you enabled this feature you’ll receive 2 or more transactions per output address.
It makes blockchain analysis as hard as possible, but minimal amount: 0.1 BTC or 1 LTC

  • Manual and Auto adjust settings to get maximum mixing performance

You can save hashcode of order settings to duplicate it.

  • Partner program

Instant payouts for every transaction made by invited user.

  • API for your projects

Append our API to your project and provide to your clients with clear coins. You can create your own mixer using our API.

  • Letter of Guarantee

When we provide you our Bitcoin address to which your coins should be sent to be mixed, we provide a digitally signed confirmation that this address has truly been generated by our server.
Address used to sign Letter of Guarantee: 1BitmixQRMUHYYEi11KBRhSfACa1BtcZrZ

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