Bitplaza – is a Bitcoin dedicated shopping platform, designed for global use. The shopping platform is accessible through its mobile application, available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play. The shopping app allows users to spend Bitcoin on a wide range of products and ships them internationally. The Bitplaza app was created to help the Bitcoin ecosystem and help users spend the Cryptocurrency for their everyday shopping needs.



Bitplaza is a shopping app which allows its users to spend Bitcoin in exchange for brand new items. The type of products available for purchase ranges from tablets, smartphones, TVs, computers, cameras, video games, tools etc. The app offers built-in customer service as well as phone support whenever you’re in the need of assistance. The shopping platform processes Bitcoin transactions directly on the Blockchain with confirmation in seconds. The user friendly interface makes it easy to shop with Bitcoin, designed for even the average person to use.

About Bitplaza

Anyone around the world can use the Bitplaza app and start shopping with Bitoin. The seamless checkout system is compatible with any cryptocurrency exchange or Bitcoin Wallet. Furthermore, customers can track their packages with the built-in tracking feature. Bitplaza carries new releases by the leading brands such as Samsung, Sony, Apple, GoPro, HP, Dell, etc. The mobile application caters to consumers as well as businesses that are considering to accept Bitcoin payments. Companies can easily have their products listed on the shopping platform and begin accepting Bitcoin payments. Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency accepted as a payment method on the platform. Bitplaza does not engage in dealings of other tokens, altcoins, cryptocurrencies.

Company Information

Bitplaza Inc., is a USA-based retail company primarily focused in Blockchain technology and the Fintech space. The company was incorporated on 09/10/2018 in the state of Pennsylvania. Bitplaza Inc., is actively engaged in online retail operations and software development.

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