BitPotluck was a lottery game where the prize draw increases as more people play.

Features used to include include:

  • Off-blockchain transactions powered by
  • as above, instant entry (no waiting for blockchain confirmation) and no transaction fees
  • no site registration required
  • no win limits – pot size depends on the number of contributions per pot
  • winners are paid out immediately after being selected
  • choice of multiple entry fees from as little as 0.001 BTC for light play up to 1 BTC per entry for heavy hitters
  • multiple pots with differing time limits for quick 10 minute draws to long 6 hour draws
  • provably fair (of course)

Additional features added into the game are:

  • pot starting balance increases after every payout
  • first 2 contributors of any pot get 1 free ticket (an incentive to join)
  • auto-updating on-screen (no page refreshing)

The winner takes 95% of the pot total, where 2% is left in the pot for the next draw. This enables the pot size to increase over time. The other 3% goes to covering hosting costs (and profit, if any).


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