Bitsend (BSD) is a digital currency based on the algorithm “Xevan”. The rate for June 2018 is about $0.49. It is added to Bittrex – the largest digital currencies exchange. Capitalization (the total value of this digital currency in the world) is $9503357.


BitSend Airdrop

Tokens that are distributed to registrants can not be withdrawn immediately, it takes time – about 1-2 months. Issuance of coins is carried out every Monday, but there are delays. To register in airdrop, users must submit an application. Once registered, the user will automatically receive tokens, but the account must be at least one year old, and some “internal rank” must be at least a Senior Member of Bitcointalk. It is forbidden to use Alt-accounts, which entails a ban on the use of airdrop forever. Also, if the user does not show any activity within 2 months (to be active means to post advertising cryptocurrency), they will be removed from the community. But if it happens, a user can once again apply to participate and they will be included in the list again. The BSD airdrop pays 10000 per week, respectively 520 thousand BSD per year. Maximum number of participants is 1,000, the amount payable will be proportionally distributed among all participants.


Bitsend has increased from 100 to 330 masternode from the start of the project in 2016. The more nodes – the safer services and more opportunities for users. It also increases the availability of this digital currency from any part of the world.

Soft Work (special certification) “Segregated Witness”. It is intended as an auxiliary tool for software to disconnect transaction signatures. This innovation allows to reduce possible risks and to ensure the security of transactions. There are unpleasant cases when transactions are deformed. If this happens, the Soft Work will calculate the number of failed transactions, without even referring to the assurance (can sometimes be changed by third parties, for example miners or co-sponsors). These interventions result in unscheduled multi-signature activities.

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