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BitValve – aims to build the most advanced Peer to Peer cryptocurrency exchange platform.


Bitvalve Platform

BitValve aims to disrupt the current P2P Exchange Oligopoly by introducing a unique and full featured platform to traders around the globe. Our idea is that every person in the world would be able to access, buy and sell, their favorite cryptocurrency by using any payment method available, whether it is fiat or cryptocurrency, and trading directly with other users. The Platform will ensure the security of the transaction by acting as a trusted escrow service. Furthermore, the Platform will have a positive effect on the countries that are currently facing a financial crisis, such as Venezuela, by giving their people the option for alternative, peer to peer instant trading.

Bitvalve Pre-ICO

BitValve aims to start their Public Pre ICO sale on 2nd of January 2019. The pre-ICO will be executed on a first-come, first-served basis up until the total sum of the collected funds reaches USD 330,000. Therefore, the Company cannot guarantee that all interested participants will be able to participate in the pre-ICO. Investors willing to participate in the pre-ICO need to create an account on the website and make their investments in BTC, LTC and ETH. All investors participating in the pre-ICO will receive a bonus of 40%. This means that, if an investor makes an investment amounting to 10 BTC in the pre-ICO, his investment will be deemed to be an investment of 14 BTC for the purpose of calculating the number of BTV tokens to be issued to that investor.

Bitvalve ICO

The purpose of the ICO is to collect funds required for the development and the successful launch of the final product, i.e., the Platform and the associated BTV token. In comparison with other ICOs, the Company needs a rather reasonable financial sum to complete the Project and, therefore, the maximum cap of the ICO is set at USD 2.8 million. The ICO will have Token Bonuses, depending on the ICO Investment Period.

Bitvalve MVP

BitValve has released its Official MVP (Minimum Viable Product), following the Project’s plan. The MVP is accessible and operating on Traders are allow to access our MVP and also create their own listing. Below is an Example of the current BitValve Available Listings:

Crypto Badges

Bitvalve is promoting transparency in the crypto space and was awarded the Competition verified Badge, Compliant Badge, MVP Badge and Influential Badge by Crypto-Potential[1]:

Competition-verified badge, The project has done market and competition analysis. Compliant badge, The project has a legal opinion and token audit report. MVP badge, The project has the minimum viable product (MVP) which can be tested. Influential badge, The project has at least 2 famous PR articles or 2'000 YouTube video views.

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