BKCM Digital Asset Fund


BKCM LLC is a crypto hedge fund based in New York, NY.



BKCM LLC Info Address: 300 Park Avenue New York, NY 10022 United States

Phone: 6468384501

Website: http://bk.capital

Leadership: Brian Kelley, Founder

Type: Digital asset hedge fund

Investments/Portfolio Holdings: Bitcoin, Ethereum, ICOs


BKCM founder Brian Kelly, brings more than 25 years of experience in trading and managing funds for institutional investors. He is also an early investor in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, as well as a sought-after commentator and keynote speaker.

The executives at BKCM are experienced professionals with deep roots in macroeconomics, quantitative investing, and blockchain technology applications.

The firm’s Chief Technology Officer built one of the earliest crypto exchanges, which at its height was the world’s second largest Bitcoin exchange.

The firm’s Head of Research and Head of Systematic Strategies are both experienced analysts with backgrounds in managing quantitative and opportunistic hedge funds.

BKCM a leading firm in the digital assets investment space, providing access to investment opportunities in all phases of capital growth:

  • seed stage (both equity and cryptocurrency)
  • growth equity venture capital
  • liquid markets for cryptocurrencies
  • public equities, through the BKC ETF



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