Blackmoon Crypto Platform – How it works?

Blackmoon is a platform that promises to bring together the advantages of fiat and cryptocurrencies to maximize investor returns. Basically, the goal of Blackmoon Crypto is to tokenize investment funds.



Framework for tokenized funds to deliver investment opportunities in both the real world and crypto economies. This brings blockchain flexibility to fiat instruments, and the benefits of accumulated financial wisdom to crypto investments.

Blackmoon Crypto Platform Project website

ICO start date: 2017-09-12


Blackmoon Crypto offers a vision for a new standard for tokenized investment vehicles that will bridge the gap between the fiat and crypto money. The Blackmoon Crypto Platform focuses on all the aspects of tokenized investment vehicles, from technology and infrastructure, to legal compliance and corporate structuring. The Blackmoon Crypto Platform will be the solution for asset managers to create and manage tokenized funds.

More information in the project whitepaper: Blackmoon whitepaper

Best of both worlds

Diversification of income sources while retaining all the benefits of crypto universe, including decentralization, transparency, tradability, and cost efficiency.


Compliant structure of investment funds is reviewed and approved by our legal advisors. By sorting out regulation risks, Blackmoon Platform will improve investor confidence and provide sustainability of the investment process.


Now is the right time to introduce the industry standard for setting up tokenized investment funds that can attract investments from private individuals and institutional investors of any kind.


Investment funds won’t be black boxes with reporting full of the fine print. This will substantially improve accountability of the investment managers and the confidence of investors.


Using Blackmoon Platform, any approved investment manager will be able to set up and run a tokenized investment fund without having to go through the pain and effort of creating the necessary IT and legal infrastructure.

Liquidity and users

Like crypto investment managers, investment managers from the fiat world will be able to easily create complaint tokenized investment funds and offer their existing customers all the benefits of the blockchain.

Blackmoon Crypto ICO

Blackmoon Crypto ICO Review – Why I like the fundamentals of this ICO

50% of the total supply of Blackmoon Crypto Tokens (BMC) will be sold during the ICO. The price of one BMC token will be $1 at the beginning of the pre-order period. By the end of the period, each token will be priced at $1.10.

30% of the funds will be kept in the company’s reserve. 20% will be kept for the team and advisors.

All funds that operate on the Blackmoon Crypto Platform will generate a stream of fees in the form of funds’ tokens towards the platform. 100% of these fees are distributed among owners of BMCs who are registered as “Continuous Contributors”.

To qualify as a “Continuous Contributor”, you’ll be required to choose one of several roles “to help us develop the platform”, explains the official Blackmoon Crypto website.

Furthermore, investors will be required to deposit a specified amount of BMCs on the platform to be qualified to and manage a fund on the platform.

All available BMCs will be issued during the crowdsale.

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