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Bond Film Platform ICO Review
Bond Film Platform ICO
Ticker: BFP
ICO start: 2018-06-27 00:00:00
ICO end: 2018-09-27 00:00:00
Price: 1 BFP = 0.10 USD
Tokens: 500,000,000 BFP
Tokentype: ERC20
Hardcap: 13,200,000 BFP
Softcap: 1,320,000 BFP
Platform: StartEngine
Distributed: 3%
Minimum: 200 USD
Accepting: Fiat

Bond Film Platform is one platform to stream content, invest in content and for revenue distribution. Тransparent, fair and blockchain based.

Create new content, support your favorite authors, help teams, curate content and become part of the new Film and Media Economy.



Bond is two services in one: a subscription-based video streaming service featuring content from independent creators; and a crowdinvesting platform, which allows anyone to invest in and profit from new film and video projects.
When users watch and/or like some content, its Author receives a share of the revenue gained by the Bond Platform from user subscription fees.
Authors can also publish Content Proposals to gain funding from the Crowdinvestors. The proposals can be devoted to new projects like sci-fi pilots or some doc series or new episodes of some existing content or any other type and form of content the authors want to produce. Users who like the proposal and want to support the Authors in making of the new content can invest any amount into any project they wish.
When Authors produce new content and publish it on the platform, they and those Crowd Investors who invested in their Content Proposal will receive the corresponding percentage of the revenues collected from user subscriptions.


October, 2017: Team Assembled. Project Launched. Advisors onboarded.
April, 2018: pre-ICO and ICO Launch. ICO Closed.
May, 2018: Development of Bond Content Licensing Agreements. UIX and Streaming Platform development. Negotiations with Content Creators (Authors) about Pilot Projects.
Middle of Q3, 2018: Streaming infrastructure (CDN) is ready. Basic platform UIX/Logic for video streaming and crowdinvestment is ready. First Pilot Projects selected for Crowdinvesting. Exclusive content selected for platform launch. Legal agreements between Bond and Creators are prepared and signed.
Start of Q4, 2018: Alpha version of the platform. All coin-based transaction services are working via Smart Contract: user subscription, crowdinvestment, revenue distribution. Pilot Projects start preparing Crowdinvestment pages. Authors prepare their content for online distribution. Alpha users test UIX, streaming quality and monetary transactions.
Middle of Q1, 2019: Beta-testing period starts: invite-only registrations for Crowdinvestors and dedicated beta testers. Pilot projects publish their crowdinvestment pages. First investment opportunities open. Content is made available for streaming. Development of TV streaming solutions (Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, KODI, Fire TV, etc.).
End of Q2, 2019: Beta-testing finished. First Pilot Projects funded. Final preparations of all services for public release.
Start of Q3, 2019: BOND official public release. Marketing campaign.Scaling of the project.
Q4 2019 – Q1 2020: First original content from Pilot Projects released. Bond platform shows constant user base growth. Bond token (BFP) starts trading on major exchanges.[1]


name: title: links: group: photo: iss:
Marc Vayn CEO OF ATN CORP. Advisors Marc Vayn photo 3.6
Joshua Engroff CОO OF EVRYTHNG Advisors Joshua Engroff photo 3.6
Vlad Lobak FOUNDER & CEO Team Vlad Lobak photo 3.6
Den Tolmor FOUNDER & CHIEF PRODUCER Team Den Tolmor photo 3.6
Alex Smirnov CTO Team Alex Smirnov photo 5.6
Arthur Kudelia CO-OWNER OF SINO CAPITAL Team Arthur Kudelia photo 3.6
Yana Ishkova IP AND ENTERTAINMENT LAW Team Yana Ishkova photo 3.6
Michael Caputo CMO Team Michael Caputo photo 3.6

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