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Ticker: IAM
ICO start: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
ICO end: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
Tokentype: NEP-5

Bridge interfaces with NEO framework and allows users to manage, protect and utilize sensitive information in new ways. The Protocol offers a new standard for whitelists and allows participation in multiple ICOs. Bridge Certificates build trust so users can transact with confidence.



The Bridge Protocol is an open, distributed network of trusted machines and users promoting behaviors, standards and enforcement mechanisms to provide real-world value and application. The system facilitates an ability for users to deploy business processes that comply to existing standards and regulations.
Their private blockchain will provide secure processing of assets, with an aim to guarantee trusted execution using smart contracts, eventually backed by real-world regulatory compliance in the nation which they occur. The system will be comprised of trusted virtual machines, providing user accessible functions for enterprise-grade business operations.
The Bridge Protocol Corporation will begin issuing digital identities to permit individuals and businesses to engage securely and freely, while building extensive real-world trust networks. Early identities will be centrally issued and managed by the company to promote a trusted and stable foundation to the Protocol. For wider adaptation and versatility, this management system will allow self-sovereign identities to be recognized and managed. The first service offered on the Protocol is a Tier flagging of these identities, which coupled with contract logic developed by the Bridge Protocol Corporation, will allow for an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to have auditable KnowYour-Customer (KYC) information to ensure regulatory compliance.


Q1 2018: Requirements and specifications
Testing and Evaluation
Token Sale
Q2 2018: Identity management system on NEO tostnot
Certificates issued for testing and evaluation
Q3 2018: Identity management system deployed
Bridge issues first certificates
Compliance Framework Testing and Evaluation
-System on testnet
-Tier System logic created for network use
Q4 2018: Compliance Framework Acceptance
Rollout to mainnet
Q1 2019: Feature additions for certificates
Cross-Chain interfacing
New Services Offered
Q2 2019: Platform development to meet customer and user requirements[1]


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Stephen Hyduchak CEO Stephen Hyduchak photo 2.7
Andrew Hyduchak CTO Andrew Hyduchak photo 2.7
Thomas Lobker Blockchain Engineer Thomas Lobker photo 2.7
Alexander Guba CSA Alexander Guba photo 2.7
Fritz Lehman CCO Fritz Lehman photo 2.7
Justin Fiocca Creative Director Justin Fiocca photo 2.7
Matt Hyduchak Marketing Director Matt Hyduchak photo 2.7
Jesse Lama Social Media Coordinator Jesse Lama photo 2.7
Jérôme Heuzé Senior Front-End Developer Jérôme Heuzé photo 2.7
John Gotts Advisors John Gotts photo 2.7
Amit Singh Advisors Amit Singh photo 13.7
Mitzi Krellwitz Advisors Mitzi Krellwitz photo 2.7
Nicholas Smith Advisors Nicholas Smith photo 2.7
Kyle Currie Advisors Kyle Currie photo 2.7
Thomas Lehman Advisors Thomas Lehman photo 2.7
Corey Wood Advisors Corey Wood photo 2.7
Hayden Burke Advisors Hayden Burke photo 2.7
Darren Sandler Advisors Darren Sandler photo 2.7

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