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BridgeCoin – Stellar based blockchain technology, digital currency named Bridge. Lucrative platforms and ecosystems supplementing the token for users to experience a one-stop solution. Unique features and applications lies in the platforms created to house the tokens facilitating near-instant transaction speed, secure yet convenient gateways/platforms and standardization of fees/commissions investors are able to take advantage of.



Bridge is a cryptocurrency with its roots in third generation blockchain technology. The Bridge project is a vast conglomerate comprised of various and diverse ecosystems facilitating numerous trading solutions for investors in Forex market with the application of cryptocurrency usage which uses Bridge token as the prime medium of exchange. This concept of implementing cryptocurrency to the Forex market serves to attract the investors from both worlds where they can enjoy the benefits not from one market but two. The unsurpassed daily turnover of nearly 6 trillion USD in Forex supported by fast yet secure, convenient and flexible as well as unlimited, unrestrained capacity of cryptocurrency movement.

  • token name – BRIDGE
  • ticker – BD
  • icoStart – 2020-02-01
  • icoEnd – 2020-05-01
  • price – 1 BRIDGE – 1,3 USD
  • tokentype – Stellar Smart Contract (SSC)
  • hardcap – 45 500 000 USD
  • softcap – 15 000 000 USD
  • platform – Stellar
  • Total Supply – 300 000 000 BD
  • accepting – BTC


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Bridge is planning to have an organised operation with real-time monitoring and auditing.

How it works

Bridge Coin or BD for short, is an e-currency built with its roots in Stellar Blockchain technology which utilizes smart contracts to ensure investment security and token management.

Bridge Coin offers innovative investment solutions for novice and experienced investors alike and provides the technological gateways required to utilize when trading securities. Bridge Coin exists solely in order to be as cost-effective as possible in various transaction exchanges whether internal ie. deposits and withdrawals as well as external ie. local bank wire transfers. Therefore, Bridge has created “BD”, which aims to optimize and replace traditional payment systems and minimize surplus fees that occur in-trading with Forex Market. The token system also eradicates petty banking policies and control protocols that may arise due to certain regulatory restrictions from financial institutions in certain jurisdictions. This token will then be deposited into specifically constructed ECO-system ready to be utilised in generating steady returns from trading securities.

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