BTC Banker

Banker is a Telegram bot, which can be used to buy and sell various cryptocurrencies. The program offers users a convenient and simple interface, as well as a favorable rate. The application can be installed on a smartphone, laptop, tablet or desktop computer. It is a multifunctional exchanger, because the service allows not only to carry out transactions, but also to work with the application as a wallet. Using the bot, the user will be able to store BTC or other digital currencies.


Cryptocurrencies traded

The name shows that the algorithm is designed to work with the digital currency Bitcoin. However, the developers have created other applications to use the popular coins:

  • dash_change_bot.
  • ltc_change_bot.
  • doge_change_bot.
  • eth_change_bot.
  • bcc_change_bot.

The functionality and interface was not subject to changes. Developers continue to adhere to the originally chosen concept.


Profitable rates and convenient interface are the main advantages. However, this is not a complete list of the strengths of the automatic algorithm. First, there is an option of creating ads where users can specify the conditions they are interested in: the payment system, the rate, the amount of the transaction. Secondly, buying and selling cryptocurrency through this app is characterized by maximum security. After all, when both parties to the transaction come to an agreement, the seller’s account immediately freezes coins. Therefore, if the buyer does not receive the digital currency, then he will be able to create a complaint and eventually return his money. The main advantages include:

  • User-friendly interface and mobility.
  • High speed of the service.
  • Reliability and safety.
  • Gift cheque.
  • Personal data protection.


However, this service also has some disadvantages:

  • The Commission is higher than on stock markets.
  • The owner of the service has a real impact on the exchange process.
  • Long-term account verification.

How it works

Using the service is actually extremely simple, just create an ad for the sale or purchase of digital currency, in this case Bitcoin. To do this, open the main menu and select “BTC Exchange” and “Add announcement”.

Then choose the direction of the transaction — buy or sell cryptocurrency, and choose one of the available payment systems. Also, the user must specify the exact or indicative rate, as well as the amount of the transaction in roubles.

As soon as users receive a proposal that meets their requirements, they will be notified. As a result, they can make a transaction.

  • The message also contains additional information:
  • The seller’s user ID.
  • Seller’s registration date.
  • The number of transactions he made.
  • Rating and reviews.
  • When the user was last online.
  • Trading conditions (to make it successful, read the method of money transfer).
  • The amount of Commission costs.

If users are satisfied with the proposed conditions, then they agree with them to obtain details. If they are not satisfied with the conditions, after about 10 minutes, they should search again or use another payment system. When the user confirms the transaction, the details for the transfer of the pre-agreed amount will come. Payment must be made within the regulated period of time. As soon as the seller gets the money, they will transfer the coins.


On January 13, 2018, the regulations were updated, the rules regulate the size of the Commission and the minimum threshold for the use of the bot. From now on, to withdraw money users need to exceed the mark 0,0005 BTC. Amounts less than that are prohibited. The Commission on withdrawal is reduced, the optimal transaction will entail a withdrawal from the investor’s balance of 0.0015 BTC. The new changes were made due to the fact that the Commission directly on the blockchain database has slightly increased.

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