Was an instant, online EWallet service.

An instant wallet is an online wallet that requires no password. The funds in the wallet (called a “Bucket” by the site) can be spent by any access by a person or script that knows the web address (URL) for that wallet. This URL must be kept secret then.

Funds for a Bucket can be added using the Bucket’s public address.

The aim of an instant wallet is to provide an easy method to receive, store and send small amounts of bitcoins. Though there are no limits as to how many bitcoins can be stored with each Bucket, caution is warranted specifically because there is no password required — anyone who knows the URL can access the funds (unless the bucket is “locked”.)

One typical use of a basic instant wallet is the ability to transfer the bitcoins held in the Bucket by simply providing the URL to the intended recipient. The recipient then has the ability to spend or forward on the bitcoins using the Bucket’s administrator panel.

Btcbuckets offers a simplistic instant wallet but also offers Buckets with extended functionality that meet specific use cases, several of which are described on the site.



Deposits to the bucket are shown after three confirmations exist in the blockchain. The amounts displayed by the website may be rounded off rather than reflect the exact amount of the transaction. The exact amount can be seen by hovering the cursor over the amount displayed.

All transactions are charged a fixed .0005 BTC fee. The fee is used to prevent denial of service attacks and cover the transmission fees used to send money on the Bitcoin network.


The announcement for when the service went live occurred on February 13, 2012. For undisclosed reasons, the service stopped accepting deposits and requested that those with funds take action to withdraw.

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