btcex was a bitcoin currency exchange site for exchanging between namecoin currency (NMC) and bitcoins (BTC) and other digital currencies against each digital currency as well (BTC/USD and NMC/USD).

Originally, the site traded Russian Rubles, Yandex Money, Webmoney, Euros and Japanese Yen for bitcoin.


The site closed temporarily, beginning 12 May 2011 after claiming that a user claimed irregularities in trading and threatened legal action. The exchange re-opened in early June, with 5/6 (83%) of each user’s bitcoins missing (eg. if one had an account balance of 120BTC before they went down, only 20BTC were left). Their support remain silent.

Since July 23, 2012 the site is reporting an additional, unexpected “maintenance closure”. Customers are reporting that they have no access to their funds.


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