Buratino Blockchain Solutions

BuratinoBS is a multi-miner Papa Carlo with the high productivity and energy efficient 7nm node chip is manufactured with the capacity of Samsung Foudry. The basis for the miner is a multifunctional crystal that houses 3 types of logical cores. 2 of them allows mining of more than 14 cryptocurrencies easily switching between them, and the Cortex M4 core is used in a variety of devices such as IoT, Wi-Fi, BLE, etc. Site buratino.io

Main competitive advantages:

  • Ability to mine employing both SHA-256 and SCRYPT
  • Lower price comparing to competitors
  • Guarantee service for 18 months
  • Water cooling system
  • Upgrade possibility

To execute the project of miner production Buratino Blockchain Solutions issues BUR tokens that would be distributed during ICO. BUR – is a digital active that allows its owner to buy multi-miner Papa Carlo and Trezor.mini hardware wallets at a lower price.

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