BuyAnyLight (BAL) is a marketplace for sourcing quality LED products at competitive market rates. It is subsidiary of a reputed lighting brand within the UAE and German markets named as Almani Lighting LLC.

The BAL Platform strives to aims to decentralize its existing business model by implementing this infrastructure on a blockchain, and in doing so, revolutionise the lighting industry. It will serve as a blockchain-based platform that uses Artificial intelligence (AI) and Big data to enable users to acquire or source lighting products without involving a middleman, who previously would be taking a significant share of their earned amount as a fee.

The BAL Platform comprises of three main modules i.e. LightFinder, My Home and My Tower each providing quality lighting solutions to its respective target audience.

LightFinder LightFinder is a modern-age search engine that uses AI to search and help businesses find lighting products of all sorts, saving them the hassle of checking out products from different sellers and comparing their prices and features. It works as the perfect solution for B2B and B2C consumers such as lighting companies, consultants, retail sellers, or anyone seeking to purchase a substantial number of LED lights directly from the manufacturer. To know more about the LightFinder and its working, please check out the video below.

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MyHome MyHome enables individual homeowners to get lighting consultation from the BAL expert team and purchase quality light products with professional precision, ensuring they get world-class products at reduced market rates. To know more about the MyHome and its working, please check out the video below. Video Link:

MyTower MyTower allows B2B users to leverage our expertise for purchasing the right products at the right price. Our massive orders attract exclusive discounts from manufacturers, so we can offer you the best prices on the market. To know more about the MyTower and its working, please check out the video below.