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CCUniverse its unique blockchain & cryptocurrency project from category: infrastructure.

It’s combined with 3 programs which are the background for UVU coin[1] (tokens of CCUniverse). CCUniverse was created at April 2014. On the CCUniverse make up three programs: 1. crypto ATM program 2. rental electric cars & charge stations 3. innovation in real estate.



Helping people to get cryptocurrencies at local areas by crypto ATMs. Improve electric cars infrastructure by charges stations and give to the community opportunity to test the cars and rent it for each target. Tiny and very cheap houses with innovative technologies-CCUniverse want build some prototypes to show the people it is possible at their locations.


  • Real value for the market not only virtual sources (immeasurable),
  • Proof for the economy tokens by infrastructure properties,
  • CCUniverse want to cooperate with other crypto by add them to the devices[2],
  • The idea of matching modern technologies with the infrastructure of everyday life,


April 2019:

  • Opening of official website
  • Opening of all social chanels
  • ICOBench campaign, ICOHolder campaign,
  • Bounty campaign
  • first PR actions by creating effective Twitter polls[3][4]



  • Maximum supply: 10 000 000 000;
  • Thicker: UVU;
  • Blockchain : Waves;
  • Initial Price: 0.01 USD;
  • Reserved: 1 000 000 000;
  • Bounty & Airdrop supply: 7 000 000;
  • Algorithm : DpoS


Token economy will be the power of CCUniverse 3 programs and vice versa. At now You can buy CCUniverse at Waves DEX. Also will be allowed at crypto ATMs. CCUniverse is rating at ICOBench and ICOHolder.

The Vision

CCUniverse token is creating at Waves Platform – fastest blockchain ever.

Crypto ATM its really helpful for the whole cryptocurrency market. It’s necessary for all customers of blockchain technology to make the currency decentralization. CCUniverse wants to stand it at local areas with high definition devices.

AD2 Rental electric cars: nowadays everybody needs to rent a car: sometimes for a trip, sometimes for work, sometimes to test new car. CCUniverse fleet will be really awesome because it will be using only the newest models of Electric car- still at some part of the world its completely new thing.

AD3 Innovation at real estates: CCUniverse wants to specialize in a modern sector of architecture like : prefabric tiny houses, houses from shipping containters or Fuller’s dome houses[5]

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