Centurion (cryptocurrency)

Centurion (also known as Centurion Cnt) is a cryptocurrency and an electronic based on Blockchain technology developed by anonymous inventors.



Centurion developed its core concept by differentiating from Bitcoin and other altcoins to implement an easy-to-use system and uses a block size of 2 MB, which is twice the Bitcoin block size.

Centurion uses a chained hashing algorithm called X11 for the proof-of-work.

According to CoinMarketCap, the beginning of April the market capitalization of Centurion exceeds 1450 Btc and the daily trading volume is more than 240.000.

The cryptocurrency was launched with the goal of helping children around the world through the organization which would receive an initial donation of 5 million Centurions.

Mining and Mining Pools

The Centurion mining pools do not need signing up and manual withdrawal by miners. Rather, they can directly receive it in their cryptocurrency wallets. This ensures easier use and helps reduce risk of attacks on wallets. Auto payouts execute after every few minutes.


Centurion works on the assumption that casual or inexperienced users outnumber the specialist or experienced users, and therefore, are the greater driving force in the cryptocurrency’s adoption.


Within the first hours after the coin’s launch, it was speculated that the coin was a scam as related to a Ponzi Scheme and had no external exchanges. This information was negated by the Dubai-based Cryptonetwork Ltd.



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