CHAOEX is an alternative cryptocurrency exchange supporting tradings both with digital currencies and fiat money, founded by XYHJ Technology Development Co. Ltd, registered in Estonia, Europe. CHAOEX is regulated by the Estonian government and relevant EU laws, license number FVR000397, and obtained the Pre – A round of investment from Cherubic Ventures in early 2018.

As of Mar 15, 2019, 4 trading markets, 78 coins and 79 trading pairs have been listed on CHAOEX



CHAOEX began development in early June 2017 and completed testing in August. The trial operation on September 20 was open to users around the world.

In August 2017, CHAOEX started platform token crowd-sale and received 3000 Bitcoin within a week, but refunded to investors 2700 BTC thought it’s not fair to evaluate a start-up company with such a high value. On September 4th, 2017, Chinese government banned all ICO and crypto exchanges, then CHAOEX returned rest 300 BTC to investors.

The 2.0 version was held in Hong Kong on June 28, 2018. As of November 1, 2018, CHAOEX has been upgraded to version 3.0. CHAOEX and other 7 exchanges jointly built POW Exchange Alliance at the end of 2018, dedicating to jointly list quality POW coins on the exchanges within the alliance under strict joint review. CHAOEX team has more than 60 staffs, including domestic business department, technical team, operation team, business team, risk control team, customer service team and trading team. Overseas business department, providing service in English, French, Korean, and Russian languages.

CHAOEX Community

CHAOEX has a large community and various cooperation channels within the industry, which can provide project side with listing activities such as trading competition to promote the listed coins. New activities for a market place such as discount purchase and stagging can heat the market up with increasing the coin-holders. CHAOEX can independently or jointly conduct activities like candy airdrops, virtual node rewards and mining rewards through cooperation channels.


CHEX is an ERC20 digital asset issued by CHEX FUND, a global non-profit blockchain foundation. CHEX is the only official token of the CHAOEX. CHEX token is mainly applied to build and motivate CHEX community around the world, to incubate projects, and to support public welfare activities so as to establish a community-oriented autonomous ecosystem focuses on the CHEX Foundation. As an important part of the CHEX ecosystem, CHAOEX provides a carrier for the implementation of the CHEX application scenarios.

Digital Assets Transaction

CHEX’s total supply is 420 million, and the initial price is 0.02924 USDT. CHEX-holders can exchange ETH, TRX and other currencies on CHEX market. In the future, on-chain transactions will be implemented to ensure the transparency and credibility of assets flows.

CHAOEX Trading Fee Deduction

All users trading on CHAOEX can enjoy a trading fee discount (any currency) owning sufficient amount of CHEX. Trading fee paid with eq.CHEX based on real-time market price can be deducted. The function implementation time and discount rate will be announced on the official website.

Vote for Coin-Listing & More

CHEX can be used to vote for new coins to be listed & coins to be delisted on CHAOEX (“Vote” page). All CHEX-holders holding ≥1 CHEX have the voting right. Every qualified voter can vote only one time, and voters would not spend CHEX on voting. In the future, we will expand the list of CHEX application scenarios by adding other functions such as platform trading loss condolences, community managers bonus, purchasing platform bonus packages, value-added services on third-party payment systems.

CHEX Total Supply Details

CHEX total supply is 500 millions,where 80 million are frozen for future development, 420 million were distributed to the social community and already circulating on the market. Total supply:500 millions, no additional issue.


CHAOEX has released its mobile app for iOS and Android platforms.

Withdrawal and deposit limits are set by the KYC level attached to a user’s account. KYC1 can deposit and trade but not withdraw with 0.1 percent trading fee. KYC2 can deposit, withdraw and trade with a 0.075 percent trading fee, and a 5 BTC daily withdrawal limit. KYC3 can deposit, withdraw and trade with a 0.05 percent trading fee, and a 20 BTC daily withdrawal limit.

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