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Citizen Health ICO
Ticker: MDX
ICO start: 2018-03-15 00:00:00
ICO end: 2018-08-21 00:00:00
Price: 1 MDX = 0.001 ETH
Tokens: 1 MDX
Tokentype: ERC20
Platform: Ethereum
Distributed: 10%
Accepting: ETH

By applying first principles thinking, we’ve fundamentally redesigned how healthcare is managed, how it’s paid for, and how decisions are made.

Their decentralized health economy is powered by the Ethereum blockchain and our dual token system — a stable currency called Medit “MDT” & a derivative token called Medex “MDX.”

Here’s our plan:

1. Incentivize people to pursue healthy lifestyles by rewarding them with Medit, our stable currency.

2. Create a collective governance network of individuals, health care providers, and employers based on liquid democracy, futarchy, and holacracy principles to guide consensus on building a new health system.

3. Launch our decentralized health & wellness marketplace — a true free market system enabling product & service transactions between consumers and producers with no insurance intermediary. Here you will find physicians, wellness & diagnostic services, personalized nutritional, pharmaceutical, fitness products and much more.

4. Shift the $1.2 Trillion Americans pay annually for health insurance premiums into crowdfunded & controlled smart contracts. This $1.2 Trillion will be converted into Medit and will be the unit of value, exchange, & utility within our economy. We’re replacing traditional health insurance policies and health savings accounts with our Medit Health Asset (MHA).

5. Create an open innovation/collaboration engine to seek out and solve the previously unsolvable problems in science and medicine. Using first principles thinking and exponential technology, we’re aiming to cure, prevent, or manage all diseases by 2050.



Collaboration Engine
Harnessing the power of crowdsourced intelligence, we’ve designed our collaboration engine to engage the power of the crowd on a global platform to focus on solving the hardest problems in science, technology, & medicine.
Health Fund
This P2P mega fund consists of cryptocurrencies from monthly memberships, investments from other entities, and from token sales. These funds will pay & reward doctors, patients, developers, scientists, and other participants.
Community Consensus
Each person who joins Citizen Health gets to discuss & vote on the direction and price of the healthcare they receive. They align the interests of both the healthcare providers and the consumers through a transparent voting platform.
Health & Wellness Marketplace
Here you will find physicians, wellness & diagnostic services, personalized nutritional, pharmaceutical, fitness products and much more. This is a true free market system that enables product & service transactions between consumers and producers with no insurance intermediary.
Incentive System
Their incentive structure is designed to create a strong motivational push for making healthy decisions throughout the day, such as eating clean, exercising, increasing steps, and getting proper sleep.
Health Intelligence
This will be a global cloud of user generated health records, genomic data, microbiomic data, and data from health trackers and wearables. Meshed with our HealthAI, we’re building a global brain that will assist us in curing diseases.


Q4 2017 : To start, we will massively grow our community to move this plan forward. You can join our Slack community here:
The community is composed of:
Medical professionals who are tired of dealing with insurance & regulation.
Patients who are fed up with insurance.
People who are healthy and want to stay that way.
People who are against big government, big banks, & big pharma.
Crypto Enthusiasts.
Software developers who love open source projects.
Economists who believe in crypto.
People who want to change the world.
Q1-Q4 2018: We will continue hiring full-time & contract developers to help build out the infrastructure needed to bring our ecosystem mainstream. First round of development will be our iOS & Android app called Humantiv, which implements our Medit protocol within the Incentive System & Collective Governance module. This application will be the base in which we build our ecosystem on. Alpha is scheduled for release at the end of Q1 2018.
On the health provider side, we’ll be working on developing the next generation health management systems that function without a keyboard or mouse. No typing or clicking — just have a conversation with the patient and everything is transcribed & documented. It’s time AI & NLP makes healthcare better for the doctors.
Q4 2018: We will build out a new medical research laboratory to serve as the hub for our initial development. We will purchase multiple genome sequencers from Illumina and offer free genomic analysis to all participants with over 5,000 Medit tokens.
Q3-Q4 2018: We will recruit medical professionals to propose, discuss, and vote on the details of the medical treatment plans. We will select 1,000 doctors initially.
2019: As with any new venture, we need pioneers. Luckily, there is a nationwide movement of doctors moving to the direct care model. We will recruit 10,000 physicians & NPs that want to be the initial health leaders. These people will be greatly rewarded for their initial contribution to the network. During this phase, we’ll begin to roll out our new Health Intelligence to our nationwide network.
We will begin either the construction or purchasing of 100 health facilities across the United States with 2 in each state. The location of these facilities will be decided upon by the community based on greatest positive financial and social impact.
The staff of these facilities will be hired by the community during this time.
2020: We will continue to build out health facilities (~100) and hire more health professionals to staff them.
2019+: After we establish our ecosystem in the United States, we’ll expand into other countries. Many countries with less healthcare infrastructure could benefit more from the advances Citizen Health brings to economies.[1]


name: title: links: group: photo: iss:
Brennen Hodge Founder, Architect [email protected] Brennen Hodge photo 3.2
James Cunningham Blockchain Design James Cunningham photo 3.2
Dan Lynch Healthcare Design Dan Lynch photo 3.2
Nabyl Bennouri Software Architecture Nabyl Bennouri photo 3.2
Megan Janas Digital Health Strategy Megan Janas photo 3.2
Robert Blount Board Director 3.2
Savva Kerdemelidis Crowdsourcing Initiatives Savva Kerdemelidis photo 6.2
Conner Gunn Employer Design Conner Gunn photo 3.2
Grady Kaiser Health & Wellness Design Grady Kaiser photo 3.2
Ross Arroyo User Experience 3.2
David Brill Legal Advisor 4.2
Chris Spence Financial Advisor 3.2

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