ClanPlay is an innovative platform for game lovers on mobile devices, built on blockchain technology with support for smart contracts. It allows gamers to conveniently and securely communicate with each other, with game developers and with the audience, easy to purchase, download and install favorite mobile games to find a worthy opponents, teammates, and provides many useful tools for those who play video games: group conferences, open and closed chat rooms for communication between players and gaming teams, clan chat and private instant messenger for personal correspondence.



Any actions of the platform users (including chat) will be rewarded with the help of the internal cryptocurrency of the system – a coin called GG (Good Game). This coin will serve as a universal means of payment for the project, it will be possible to pay for the purchase of goods and services (for example, to order advertising or purchase gaming equipment), as well as receive rewards and prizes for winning in gaming competitions. GG coins can be stored, transferred to other participants of the platform and even brought to the exchange, where they can be exchanged for other digital currencies, or for real money.

How it works

ClanPlay is a first of its kind project where users will be paid money for the fact that they will just play new games. The blockchain will ensure transparency of all financial transactions, and intellectual contracts will be able to ensure trust and honest partnership, as they can be used to track all the actions of players, such as user participation in testing a particular game, time spent playing, etc. Due to this, game developers will be able to honestly pay money to users depending on the activity of users and their contribution to the development of the game or the platform as a whole.

Usually the calculation of the results of a game tournament or championship is a rather difficult and time-consuming task, which requires a lot of time and human resources, which prevents the global competition with the involvement of a large number of players. Users of ClanPlay have no such problems, smart contracts will automatically calculate all the results and honestly distribute the prize fund between the winners. This technology will revolutionize the world of eSports, as it can be used to track any action and any achievement of the player, and therefore any achievement in the game can be considered as the main or intermediate goal of the competition. Also, smart contracts can take into account other user actions on the project, for example, to pay additional fees for viewing advertising, downloading and installing a game, passing a level, purchasing gaming equipment or registering a new user for the referral program. The list is endless. For example, now the project has several partners who are ready to pay users for the fact that they will view their advertising. This will create a sufficient motivation to encourage users to be active on the project and bring new users to it.


  • Approach to gamers as a decentralized community through the use of blockchain technology. No one can single-handedly set their own rules and dictate them to everyone else.
  • All users of the platform – gamers, game developers, advertisers and even viewers have the opportunity to achieve their interests.
  • Integrity and transparency of all transactions through the use of smart contracts.
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface of the platform.
  • Fast improvement of trading software and prompt search and elimination of errors due to a large number of testers.
  • Ability to broadcast gameplay in stream mode and/or record it in a video file.
  • Ability to communicate between users of all categories in real time.


  • Token: GG
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Total issued tokens: 10 million
  • Pre-sale: June 1, 2018 – June 30, 2018 (fully completed)
  • Main sale: July 1, 2018 – August 26, 2018 (completed on 66%)

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