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CloudFish ICO Review
CloudFish ICO
Ticker: CFH
ICO start: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
ICO end: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
Price: 1 CFH = 0.000075 ETH
Tokens: 320,000,000 CFH
Tokentype: ERC20
Hardcap: 24,000 ETH
Softcap: 500 ETH
Platform: Ethereum
Minimum: 0,1 ETH
Accepting: ETH

CloudFish developed a security platform that enables companies and individual users to secure their assets stored in the cloud using blockchain technology. it use machine learning algorithms to automate threat detection and control before it becomes a risk to the security of users’ assets. Instead of relying on a single private key stored on a server that can be hacked or stolen, CloudFish developed a unique technology that splits the users’ private security key into millions of fragments and store it in blockchain thereby making it impossible for someone to steal or hack the key. The dynamic construction of encryption keys using blockchain provides a fool-proof mechanism to secure the digital assets like documents, files, emails etc. and crypto-currency keys stored in the cloud. CloudFish’s technology is backed by renowned researchers in the cloud security space. CloudFish is an official member of Georgia Institute of Technology’s ATDC Accelerate program. The security platform developed by CloudFish is integrated with major cloud services vendors including Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and Microsoft OneDrive. The company announced its plan to extend its product’s integration to Amazon Web Services (AWS), and IBM Cloud.



CloudFish developed a multi-layer cloud platform that enables businesses to secure their digital assets stored in the cloud by leveraging the blockchain technology. The unified platform allows users to store their digital assets like documents, files, emails, IPAs etc. and blockchain assets like cryptocurrency keys in the cloud secured through end-to-end encryption. The platform integrates with major cloud service providers and it uses artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to automate threat detection and control before it becomes a risk to the security of users’ assets.
Key Features
• Unified Security Wallet : A cloud-based platform that allows enterprises and individual users to store their digital assets in a unified wallet secured through multi-layer encryption.
• Enterprise Security Server: CloudFish Enterprise Security Server gives a complete control to companies over the security of their digital assets. The server provides enterprise features like user auto-provisioning, remote locking, security dashboards and security policy definition and enforcement.
• Cloud Security Gateway: CloudFish CSG allows enterprises to detect and control network threats before it becomes a risk to their data. Uses black-chain technology to share threat information before it penetrates to other computers in the networks. CloudFish CSG uses machine learning algorithms & Artificial Intelligence to proactively detect and control suspicious user activity, network intrusion, hacking attempts, ransomware and malware activity.
• Block Chain Assets Exchange: An enterprise class platform for businesses and individual users to securely manage their crypto currency assets and trade securely with other users. Integrates with major crypto-currency exchanges to facilitate inter-exchange trading on multiple currencies.
• Content Management & Collaboration: CloudFish is pre-integrated with major cloud-based document services and allows enterprise users to securely manage their content and collaborate with other users.
• Integrated with Major Enterprise Products: CloudFish integrates with major enterprise platforms and cloud service providers. Allows enterprises to use Cloudfish features as a plug & play with other standard enterprise products.


Q4 2015: Company established in Alpharetta, Georgia.
March research started.
Q1 2016: Product strategy defined.
Angel investment of 350K USD.
Q2 2016: Established Offshore Office.
Total team size = 5.
Engineering work initiated.
Q3 2016: Minimum viable product (MVP) created.
US team ramped up.
Total team size = 10.
Q4 2016: Recognition by Georgia Institute of Technology.
Technology presented at Cyber launch conference in Atlanta.
Q1 2017: Company accepted in Georgia Tech’s ATDC Accelerate program.
Engineering work started on first beta.
Q2 2017: Beta product released on OS and Android platforms.
Customers validation initiated.
Development started on Web version.
Q3 2017: Beta product released on web platform.
Company selected for Venture Atlanta Conference in August 2017.
Received recognition as a key innivatorstartup cloud security space.
Q4 2017 : Released official enterprise product (Beta) on Web/OS and Android platforms.
Product distributed to enterprise customers for evaluation.
Q1 2018: CloudFish Enterprise productversion 1.0 development complete.
Q2 2018 : ICO started.
Sales & business dev. team ramp up. (Target team size = 55)
Q3 2018: Official release – CloudFish Enterprise Product Suite version 1.0.
Marketing campaign in US & Canada.
Channel partners and reseller marketing.
Q4 2018: CloudFish Enterprise Product Suite version 2.0 with unified security wallet.
Product partnership & integration with other enterprise software companies.
Q1 2019: CloudFish Enterprise Product Suite version 3.0 with Cloud Security Gateway (CSG).
Established marketing team for Europe.
Channel partnership program in Europe.
Q3 2019: Expand customer service and marketing team (Tean size = 130).
CloudFish Enterprise Product Suite version 4.0 with Unified Security and Crypto currency exchange.
Q4 2019: CloudFish Enterprise Product Suite version 4.0 with Unified Security and Crypto currency exchange.
Expand channel partnership in Asia[1]


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Faisal Faruqi CEO Faisal Faruqi photo 3.4
Zia Hydri Chief Research Adviser and Co-founder of CloudFish Zia Hydri photo 3.4
Ammar Naqvi Blockchain Architect Ammar Naqvi photo 3.4
Ehrar Jameel Chief Operating Officer Ehrar Jameel photo 3.4
Drew Lanham Advisors Drew Lanham photo 3.4
Azam Ali Advisors Azam Ali photo 3.4
Syed Hamid Advisors Syed Hamid photo 3.4
Shumael Rehman Advisors Shumael Rehman photo 3.4

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