Cloverdex is a platform made up of three main products: a modular hybrid decentralised exchange, a secure multicurrency wallet, EFTPOS debit card service.



Modular hybrid decentralised exchange

Incorporating the speed and liquidity of centralised exchanges with the security afforded in a decentralised exchange where the user owns their private keys. The Cloverdex trading platform will cater to both beginner and advance users through our 3-step ethos. This means that all actions (e.g. registration, trading) can be completed within 3 steps.

In addition, Cloverdex exchange will offer the following:

  • Multiple Fiat pairings – up to 10 different fiat pairings initially with more to come.
  • Support over 100+ cryptocurrencies and tokens.
  • Transparency – no hidden fees.
  • Security – 2 Factor Authentication and Multisig implementation. Periodic external security audit by a reputable firm.
  • Liquidity – maximise liquidity and best available prices by tapping into external exchange pools.

Secure Multicurrency Wallet

Full control and ownership of your crypto assets.

  • Simplified crypto asset management and transacting.
  • Store a multitude of cryptocurrencies/tokens.
  • Manage Debit Card settings.
  • Private key ownership.
  • Strong security focus – 2FA and multisig

EFTPOS debit card services

Instantaneous and seamless use of cryptocurrency for every-day purchases.

  • Usable at millions of EFTPOS terminals around the world.
  • Planned future integration with Google Pay and Apple Pay.
  • Convert crypto assets to fiat currency at point of purchase.
  • Full control of debit card – transaction limits and weekly/monthly spend limits.

What problem does Cloverdex solve?

We aim to tackle seven challenges facing current cryptocurrency exchanges:

  1. Usability – current exchanges involve too many steps and are tailored for advance users or assumes that the user has pre-existing knowledge
  2. Security – cryptocurrency exchanges have been susceptible to hacking and internal fraud because of lack in security focus and funding.
  3. Liquidity – having not enough people trading on an exchange results in greater difficulty to trade, higher asset costs for investors, and difficulty in withdrawing funds in fiat.
  4. Transparency – Hidden trading fees and commission charged results in higher investor cost and lack of trust.
  5. Compliance – customers are hesitant to enter the cryptocurrency market due to perceived uncertainty in regulations and laws.
  6. Education – most exchanges cater to advance traders and lack proper education and easy to use tools for beginner investors.
  7. Accessibility of funds – current solutions to bridge traditional payment infrastructure and blockchain based assets are not seamless and involves high transaction fees either through upfront fees or currency conversion rates, both of which form a disincentive for use.

Cloverdex team

The Cloverdex team is based in Australia. We consist of 5 multi discipline members with experience in areas of Financial Frameworks, regulatory and corporate governance, software development and engineering, financial technology, economic modelling, blockchain and smart contract development, marketing and sales, cyber security and website design.

Leung Lau is the Co-Founder and CEO. Shing Lau is the Co-Founder and CTO.

Initial Coin Offering

ICO Presale

The Cloverdex presale will begin on 15 December 2018 and conclude on 14 February 2019. During the presale period token purchases will include 30% bonus tokens.

ICO Crowdsale

The Cloverdex crowdsale will begin 15 February and conlude on 15 March 2019. During this period bonus tokens will range from 5% to 15% depending on how early the purchase is made.

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