CODEX is an officially licensed digital asset exchange, globally available and easily accessible, allowing its users to conveniently buy, store, sell and trade the world’s most eminent cryptocurrencies at near-zero fees (0.1%).

To accommodate current market needs, CODEX offers an expedient feature-rich framework, a cutting-edge security infrastructure, and a nonpareil reward system.

Registration and Licenses

The platform was launched and registered in Tallinn, Estonia in 2018 under the name CRYPTAGIO OÜ. Estonia was chosen as a country to hold and run the business in mainly because it is well positioned to be a place where modern crypto space can certainly feel welcome. This country hosts many Bitcoin ATMs, cryptocurrency startups, and a global peer-to-peer buying and selling service for virtual currencies.

Currently, CODEX is operating under a fully licensed model. CODEX obtained licenses for providing services of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency FVR000169 and providing a virtual currency wallet service FRK000141. In other words, CODEX can incorporate the support for fiat currencies into the platform as well as build and provide its users with a secure wallet for storing assets.


Though the verification process is not mandatory, users will be asked to validate their personal data when withdrawing more than 2 BTC. CODEX Exchange entered into a partnership with sum&substance for KYC verification procedures on 24th of March 2019.

Fee Structure

Deposit Fee

Depositing digital assets is 0% on CODEX. Always.

Trading Fee

When trading, CODEX users are charged with a small fee. Regardless of a monthly traded volume, it is the same for both Makers and Takers.

0.10% 0.10%

Withdrawal Fee

The fee for withdrawals primarily depends on the specific currency users want to extract. Nonetheless, at CODEX, whatever asset users choose to withdraw, the fee is going to be relatively insignificant.

BTC 0.001 0.002
ETH 0.01 0.02
EOS 0.5 1
ZRX 2.5 5
USDT 3 6
HOT 1000 2000
LTC 0.04 0.08
XTZ 1 2

Cryptocurrencies, Markets and Trading Pairs

Committed to providing a quick and easy way to buy, sell and trade the world’s most eminent digital assets, CODEX offers four major cryptocurrency markets to trade on today. Besides, new potent cryptocurrencies are being added to the platform on a constant basis. Here you can find a complete overview of all the trading pairs that are currently available on CODEX exchange:

CDX Token

CDX is the EOS-based native token, designed to add extra value to CODEX and provide its users with beneficial terms, gainful opportunities and rewarding experiences within the platform. By engaging traders and rewarding them for loyalty, CDX token serves an ultimate purpose – to fuel the consistent development and continuous growth of the platform.

CDX Supply

The supply of the CDX token is provided through Trade mining. 1,000,000 CDX tokens are distributed between all traders every day.

  • 49% of tokens are pre-mined for the platform’s purposes with a vesting period of 12 months, to assure the price stability of token;
  • 51% will be spent on the trade mining competition. Every day, CODEX users mine new CDX tokens by trading. The daily mining limit for the first year is 1 million CDX.

The mined CDX tokens are proportionally distributed among all traders according to the trade fee that they’ve spent and their current CDX balance.

How To Get CDX

Users can get free CDX tokens on a daily basis while reaping the benefits of the Loyalty Program and using them to get more cashback and discounts on the trading fee (users get 50% off trading fees when paying in CDX).

Exchange Features


From auto-updates to advanced verification technologies, the exchange was designed with security at its core. Built on the leading-edge security infrastructure, CODEX makes sure that the accounts of its users, as well as their data, are protected from all kinds of threats. This way the platform can provide a highly functional and stable environment, perfectly suited to safely store and trade cryptocurrencies.

  • TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION (2FA). Two-factor authentication substantially lowers the risk of identity theft and helps users keep others from logging into their account. Every time a user signs into a Codex Account from a new device, he/she is being asked to enter a login verification code. Whenever a user logs in from a new device or browser, Codex sends a notification and asks to confirm the attempt.
  • EDDSA API AUTHENTICATION. EdDSA API architecture stores only the public key, thereby, making Codex platform as secure as it physically possible. A user can either securely generate the key pair in a browser during API key creation or upload the public key.
  • LOGIN ALERTS. By choosing to receive alerts about unrecognized logins, users get notifications every time someone logs into their account from a new computer or phone. Whenever this is the case, users can immediately freeze the account.

In addition, there is an active sessions overview that allows users to keep track of places and devices their account was accessed from.

Trade Mining

Unlike other trade mining schemes, this solution eliminates the risk of the mining field being completely dominated by particular individuals. It is achieved by the diminishing effect upon reaching Volume/Bonus equilibrium and, therefore, providing casual traders with equal chances of receiving CDX tokens. The mined CDX tokens are proportionally distributed among all traders according to the trade fee that they’ve spent and their current CDX balance. Meaning, the more CDX tokens users have on their balance, the higher mining reward they get. In other words, users get cashback in CDX tokens for the money they have spent to cover the trading fee.

Affiliate Program

Codex Affiliate Program was developed to provide its users with an effortless way of deriving benefits and advantages from trading on CODEX Exchange. By taking on the role of a CODEX affiliate, users get a chance to gain up to 40% of the total amount spent on trading fees by the people they have invited. Percentage amount depends on CDX token balance:

20% 0-99,999
25% 100,00-499,999
30% 500,000-999,999
35% 1,000,000-1,999,999
40% >2,000,000

Affiliate rewards are paid in any supported cryptocurrency the original fee was paid in. Users, registered via invite link, are entitled to 10% discount on the trading fee for one month.


It’s the advanced, utterly intuitive interface that makes trading on CODEX simple and clear. While a customizable, clean design enables its users to confidently navigate the platform, without having to go through the much painless and time-consuming onboarding process. Striving to substantially simplify and accelerate trading experience, CODEX provides a fully functional, professional dashboard that conveniently incorporates all the essential features within a few clicks distance as well as provides a comprehensive overview of crucial market data in real time. On top of that, users get to switch between Day & Night modes to make working with the platform more pleasant and convenient.


Though CODEX demonstrates uncompromising usability, immediate adoption and infallible performance of the platform at all times, there is still a 24/7 multi-channel user support infrastructure, operated by tech-savvy industry experts, ready to instantly fill in all the gaps with relevant, up-to-date information.

Portfolio Tracking

CODEX Exchange can be found for portfolio tracking in the best and well-known applications.

  • DELTA: CODEX Exchange was added to Delta on the 1st of March, 2019.
  • BLOCKFOLIO: CODEX Exchange has been added to Blockfolio, the world’s most popular Bitcoin & crypto portfolio management app on the 27th of March, 2019.
  • CoinGecko: CODEX Exchange was listed on CoinGecko to provide users with analytical insights about daily and aggregated trading volumes, exchange stats, available cryptocurrency pairs, prices and much more.


CODEX Exchange featured in several publications from the TOP-Tier cryptocurrencies and blockchain media outlets:

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