A web-based service designed to make it very easy to sell digital content directly with Bitcoin, and have strong assurances of privacy and anonymity.

The service is trying to make selling digital content online effortless, and requires no user account, no up front costs, and no technical skills to get started.

It is both anonymous and encrypted.



Sell Content

Coinlock allows digital content to be sold in three steps. The seller selects the content to be uploaded, specifies the price that they want to be paid for the content, and enters a Bitcoin receiving address where they want to get paid.

The service generates a link that the seller can place on a blog, in email or anywhere a link can be used and can immediately sell the uploaded content directly with Bitcoin.

The service also touts fully symmetric encryption, to protect the data at all times, and to preserve user privacy. Neither Coinlock nor any third party can decrypt the content without the download link.


Unsold content expires four weeks from last purchase. A seller can simply purchase their own content to extend the shelf life.

Buy Content

Coinlock allows content to be purchased in one click. Simply follow a Coinlocked link, pay the requested amount to the address in question, and the content will start downloading and decrypting.


Coinlock has no up front cost, but does assess fees related to storing and serving content.

There is no cost to try the service, or to upload content.

Currently the fee is 4% of the specified cost of the content, plus 0.0002 in mining fees, plus 35 cents per gigabyte pro-rated.

These fees are assessed at the time of purchase prior to download.


The service was announced in August, 2013.

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