Coinnup ICO Review
Coinnup ICO
Ticker: CU
ICO start: 2018-04-23 00:00:00
ICO end: 2018-09-26 00:00:00
Price: 1 ETH = 2800 – 2700 CU
Tokentype: ERC20
Hardcap: 32000000 USD
Softcap: 21000000 USD
Platform: Ethereum
Distributed: 35%
Minimum: 250 CU
Accepting: ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, NEO

They are disrupting the traditional complex Fintech methods of payment.

Coinnup is a team of experienced developers, economists and fintech experts that has designed an all-in-one platform to provide solutions to B2B, B2C, Common buyer, investors, and traders.


The digital space is developing on blockchain with new applications are launched every day to bring a decentralized solution to the digital economy. Fintech related development is taking the lead with over 30% of share in overall blockchain base technology surfaced so far. Undoubtedly the decentralization and transparency are way forward from here, but on another hand, this will be only possible with mass adoption.
Though fintech is the most growing component of the digital economy, the overall sector is still scattered and no practical solution is available for the typical user. The massive gap between the current state of evolution and day to day usage of blockchain based technology need a centric and sustainable bridging. Coinnup has put together a team of an experienced developer, economist and fintech experts to design an all-in-one platform that provides solutions to B2B, B2C, Common buyer, investors, and traders.
Their user focus centric ecosystem will provide customized solutions comprise of fiat central that bring merchants and buyers to just one point of sale terminal, An exchange for traders and one wallet an approach for securing digital assets that will be synchronised across all devices. Pay utility bills or recharge mobile, send and receive payments domestically or internationally, shop online or offline. Pay for your holiday’s trips, book hotels, and flights right from one app.
Coinnup is the only ICO that will be launched using in-house ICO launchpad. Coinnup ICO launchpad will be another core component that will offer turn-key solutions for upcoming ICOs.
All of our components and services will be accessible through one single, made for the human platform that will use Coinnup digital ERC20 utility tokens CU.


October 2017: R & D
January 2018: Team formation
Start of Development
Business Registration
March 2018: eMoney License Application
ICO Website
April 2018: Coins Ranking Component ID Central
(Web and App)
ICO Pre-Sale
May 2018: Launch of Portfolio Management
(Web and App)
ICO Round 1 Sale
June 2018: Mobile Recharge
Fiat Central – (Buy/Sell Cryptocurrencies)
Coinnup Swift Swipe
(Web and App)
ICO Round 2 Sale
July 2018: Exchange – Web (Beta) Mobile, Desktop
Wallets (Beta) Loyalty Component
ICO Flash Sale
August 2018: Instant Withdrawals to bank
Send and Receive Payments
(Fiat or Crypto)
Coinnup Debit Card
ICO Final Sale
September 2018: Online Shopping (over 30k Items)
Shipment Module Integration
Exchange and One Wallet – V1
(Web and App)
January 2019: POS Franchise (Test Branches)
Global Expansion
Decentralised Exchange (R & D Start)
Coinnup Blockchain (R & D Start)
March 2019: Utility Bills
Buy Cryptocurrencies Using POS
Borderless IBAN Accounts
Payment Escrow Services
Exchange – App
November 2019: Merchant Services
B2B, B2C Payment Gateway
POS Beta Launch
ICO Launchpad


name: title: links: group: photo: iss:
Tayyab Rahman CEO & Founder Team 3
Myroslav Gavryliak Lead Engineer Team 3
Sergey Novoseletskiy Full Stack Developer Team 3
Bogdan Ruptash Full Stack Developer Team 3
Marko Pajic Marketing Head Team 3
Rachna Pandya Marketing Head Team 3
Maks Voloshynovskyi UX/UI Designer Team 3
Diego Barrionuevo Illustrator Team 3
Diana Tomka UI/UX Designer Team 3
Illia Havryshchuk Front-End Developer Team 3
Volodymyr Shorinov Front-End Developer Team 3
Oleg Badichka UX/UI Designer–bad/ Team 3

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