Cowrium Blockchain Project – is a blockchain project being developed to help Small and Medium Enterprise to easily adopt comprehensive blockchain solutions to better reach thousands of customers who conduct business through the SME industry.

The Cowrie coin, which is the official cryptocurrency of the Cowrium platform, represents a digital currency that will effectively replace the physical money. The aim is to increase the adoption of blockchain technology through an easy-to-use platform.

The Cowrium project consists of the following 5 entities:

  • A multidimensional smart contract
  • Cowrie – A mass-oriented cryptocurrency
  • CowDEX – An highly secured decentralized Exchange
  • ErrandBoy – A DAP that allows to send crypto and receive in Fiat
  • Cowrie Stability AI – An artificial intelligence system that can predict the market and help suggest a foreseeable solution – while the buffer system helps stabilize Cowrie and protect it from market volatility.

Cowrium uses a 2-Hop network. In the first hop, miners identify blocks and record transactions on to the blockchain. The miner is rewarded with the new coin mined in return. The other hop consists of Masternodes that are hosted on virtual private servers (VPS). These are special servers that enable instant and private transactions, budgeting as well as decentralized governance.

Mining: The Cowrium blockchain combines in-browser mining with Mobile Mining as a support system for the CPU and GPU miners, allowing for Cowrium’s hash rate to be truly decentralized, protected against 51% attacks and providing better profitability for web and mobile miners.

Masternodes: Masternodes: The Cowrium POS Masternodes is similar to Dash’s, which provides the network near-instant and secures payments as well as anonymous transactions. The Cowrium Blockchain allows CWR holders to earn fixed rewards through staking, in return for their help to secure the network.

Cowrium Interconnected Apps

  • CowDex – A dedicated, decentralized, highly-secure Cryptocurrency Exchange platform that utilizes Atomic Swaps for easy trading between multiple ICO tokens.
  • ErrandBoy – A money transfer app through which users can send money in any cryptocurrency, which is then converted to Fiat currency & sent to the recipient anywhere in the world.
  • Cowrie Stability AI – The Cowrie Stability AI is an Independent but interconnected program that predicts the market, provides possible balance and protects Cowrie from Volatility.
  • Cowrium Interoperability APIs ‘– The Cowrium Interoperability APIs will bridge the gap between the Conventional Ledger / Old Legacy System (Banking) and the New Ledger (Blockchain)

The Cowrium Masternode

It provides much-needed security, speed, and anonymity to the digital payments and transactions processing through the Cowrium network.

The staking system of the Cowrium blockchain will enable the existing CWR holders to earn a fixed, yearly income in the form of rewards, in exchange for their contribution to maintaining the security of the network. Apart from VPN based Masternodes, users can also engage in web and mobile-based staking of CWR coins.

The minimum collateral amount to activate a Masternode is 10,000CWR. The reward will be proportional to the collateral up to 100,000 CWR, by an increment of 10,000CWR

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