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Beginning of CREAM is by deffining Cream protocol, a state that deffines correct agreement between the nodes in the network, creating X11 algorithm. With this algorithm, developers‘ goal is achieved in the most possible way to be applied between the nodes, creating most secure valid transactions. The collection of multiple secure transactions in a block, and well order of those blocks – blockchain, in this case modified Bitcoin base altchain, is creating asset or digital property CREAM cryptocurrency.


Cream algorithm

CREAM is based on X11 chained hashing algorithm, which is used for the proof-of-work calculations, which secure the network of some cryptocurrencies. It is known as a chained algorithm 11 different algorithms which are chained together: blake, bmw, groestl, jh, keccak, skein, luffa, cubehash, shavite, simd, and echo. The use of 11 different algorithms also increases the security of coins using this method against brute force attacks. Benefit of this algorithm is the fact that it is less intesive and therefore uses less electricity what makes it widely acceptable and usable.

Cream Coin Overview New Crypto Coin


CREAM Crowdsale and Cream coin project as a whole, will focus on helping, promoting and funding crypto startups, inovations and entrepreneurs ideas, developing their own projects. In the same time we will offer to above mentioned individuals and companies to invest in their startups and ideas to help them pursue their goals.

Founders are accepting submissions with included either business plan or executive summary for proper consideration. A lender, equity source of capital or notable intermediary will respond via email within 24 hours of a project being submitted and provide all additional information. All project information and details will be held privately and solely distributed to target potential investors.

The team is in intensive negotiation for realizing multiple 3rd party projects with our CREAM line. The proceeds from 3rd party projects of every single CREAM LINE will support their asset, with a different procentage from the contracts.

Secure liquidity

To ensure value, CREAM will be listed on most traded exchanges in the world in a matter of weeks which will bring in new investors and traders. CREAM blockchain technology solutions, algorithm infrastructure enhancements, worldwide startup support and investments as well as dedicated CREAM TEAM, will provide stable and reliable trading volume on exchanges, generating massive liquidity which will bring CREAM to a whole new price level.


CREAMcoin has 3 main ways of distribution of the coin: Crowdsale, mining and staking.

CREAM crowdsale is initiated by CREAM team, to ensure funds for developing projects stated in Cream whitepaper. CREAM Crowdsale is hosted by CREAM team on Cream website in the time frame of 30 days, beggining on June 1st 00:00h GMT, until July 1st at 00:00h GMT. Total 30.000.000 (Thirty millions) coins will be distributed to the investors by Cream crowdsale with initial price of 0.00000200 BTC in the first part where 15.000.000 CRM will be distributed, and 0.00000300 BTC per CRM where another 15.000.000 CRM will be distributed in the second part of the crowdsale. Funds will be collected on Cream website using payment processor of which will generate invoice for every single investment. Every potential investor needs to fullfill the form on that invoice, which will not require registration, or contain any private information. Investor must provide just correct email address which is essential for invoice delivery, coin distribution information, and future contact.

Cream Crowdsale will be counted as successful if more then 50% or 15M coins are sold and the rest coins will be burned. In case if it is not successuful, funds will be returned to investors. If crowdsale is successful CREAM coins will be distributed to investors in the first week after crowdsale ends, aproximatelly from 1st until 7th of July.

Another way that Cream team have chosen to distribute CREAM coins is mining which have precise defined block reward stated on cream official website. Mining will start in the next 24h after crowdsale ends. on several mining pools, as well as multipools.

Staking is just one of the methods that is used for distribution and generating coins as well as revenue without mining or any other special equipment.

Possibility of gateway acceptance of CREAM on 3rd party websites that offer products and services will further help in distribution process as well as generating demand for CREAM.

Blockchain technology

A blockchain is a public ledger of CREAMcoin transactions. Constantly new blocks are added to it as ‘completed’ with a new set of data. The blocks are added to the blockchain in a linear, chronological order. Each node (computer connected to the CREAMcoin network using a client that performs the task of validating transactions) gets a copy of the CREAMcoin blockchain, which gets downloaded automatically upon joining the cryptocurrency network. The CREAMcoin blockchain has complete information about the addresses and their balances right from the genesis block to the most recently completed block. Every node or miner in a decentralized system has a copy of the blockchain. Data quality is maintained by massive database replication of the blockchain and computational trust. No centralized “official” copy exists and no user is “trusted” more than any other. Transactions are broadcast to the network using software with security methods which include the use of public-key cryptography.


Blockchain technology has a huge potential to transform business operating models in the long term. Blockchain distributed ledger technology is more a foundational technology with the potential to create new foundations for global economic and social systems. Blockchain technology can be used to create a permanent, public, transparent ledger system for compiling data on sales, storing rights data by authenticating copyright registration, tracking transactions and more.

Cream coin (CRM) Price

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