Crowdsale Network

Crowdsale Network is a crowdfunding platform of the new generation.



The creators of the Crowdsale Network are representatives of 12 countries: Russia, Israel, Kazakhstan, USA and others. Crowdsale Network issues its own tokens which are sold for Bitcoin and Ethereum among those companies that are included in the system. Also tokens of krautsalat can be sold on exchanges. Investors invest money in new projects and make profit, and the companies that need to be supported – promotion. The platform itself takes a small percentage for its services.


  1. Community Generation (CGEN) – financing innovative startups using blockchain technology.
  2. Crypto Global Pay is a platform that allows users to create an electronic wallet in USD and issue a debit card.
  3. RichBit is a free virtual mobile game using technologies of geolocation and blockchain. This game has its own e-wallet, where users can keep tokens received from winning, as well as any other cryptocurrency.
  4. Aida Service is a sales service, automated system of sales of goods and services, which has a lot of advantages.

Startup selection system

In order to log in and create a project users need to register on the official website The selection of startups consists of three stages. This is a vote of investors and the community, the conclusion of consulting agencies about the possible risks, the review of experts. All this is necessary to avoid the loss of investment and the startup was viable. Financial capital for startup projects is stored in an electronic wallet, which is accessible only by the Crowdsale Network as a third party. This helps to avoid bankruptcy of the startup. Partners of Crowdsale Network are: CRYPTOFEST, KCN, Rusmarketing, Digital Network, crypto.b2b, and other companies.

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