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CRWD Network ICO Review
CRWD Network ICO
Ticker: CRWT
ICO start: 2018-08-01 18:00:00
ICO end: 2018-08-31 18:00:00
Price: 1 CRWT = 1 EUR
Bonus: 1
Tokens: 22,500,000 CRWT
Tokentype: ERC20
Hardcap: 18,000,000 EUR
Softcap: 1,000,000 EUR
Platform: Ethereum
Distributed: 50%
Accepting: ETH, Fiat

To further empower our CONDA crowd, we are constantly working on our CONDA CRWD Network – a network of platforms where investors can create their investment portfolios while allowing startups and SMEs the chance to realize their business ideas.

Implementing blockchain infrastructure is the logical step for bringing crowdfinancing to the next level by utilizing the most efficient technology, created by our experienced team and partners. This technology allows anyone to securely and transparently invest in companies all around the world, in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Furthermore, we are erasing geographic borders between different currencies and countries by establishing the lowest and fairest rates for investing across these boundaries. Investment transactions are quick and easy, and the investment process is the same, regardless of a user’s currency or country.



Since CONDA started in 2013, we have been addressing current and emerging issues with the alternative financing.
Back then, CONDA addressed the problem of lacking financing options for SMEs and start-ups and created CONDA crowdinvesting platform 1.0. In 2016, the need for ready-to-use white-label platforms was addressed with CONDA’s platform as a service 1.5.
In 2017, with a rapid expansion of alternative financing, the need for standardized, professionalized and trustful platforms presented itself. At the same time, these platforms need to be interoperable and internationalized as well. The solution CONDA is presenting is CRWD Network, which will professionalize the alternative financing market.
About CRWD Network
CRWD Network is a decentralized network protocol for issuing and managing tokenized equity offerings of SMEs, Start-ups and Real Estate Projects. This technology allows anyone to securely and transparently invest in companies around the world, in accordance with regulatory requirements.
About CRWD Token
The CRWD Token is the core of all transactions and acts as fuel to the CRWD Network. Because the CRWD Token is needed to participate in the CONDA blockchain-supported network, it is also mandatory for the successful buying and selling of investments, and for maintaining all the positive aspects that blockchain brings to the table: transparency, security, and decentralization.
On the CRWD Network:

  • White-label partners can effortlessly present companies from other countries on their platform using the infrastructure, without having to handle different currencies or small transaction fees, and automatically get their reward in CRWD Tokens.

  • Companies can pay for consulting during the set-up and execution of the crowdinvesting campaign with CRWD Token. Companies can purchase the maintenance of their investment, including paying interests, voting, or sending messages.

  • Investors can transfer alternative investments and to buy add-ons on the platform using CRWD Tokens. Investors will receive CRWD Tokens as a reward for their activities on the platform, such as giving expert feedback to the companies presenting their campaigns.

With the blockchain-based clearing, no central authority is needed and we can create a financing network for providing funds and investing money through a broad range of offers.


June 4, 2018: Start Pre-Sale
June 6, 2018: Start Crowd-Sale
Q3/2018 : CRWD Token Tradeable
Q3/2018 : Blockchain development track:
Implementation of Tokenized Equity Private Instruments
Q3/2018 : Platform development track:
Connection of current order process to company token process
Q4/2018, Q1/2019: Blockchain development track:
Implementation of Investor Keys
Q4/2018, Q1/2019: Platform development track:
Implementation of the identification service[1]


name: title: links: group: photo: iss:
Juergen Hoebarth Tokenization Adviser & Expert Advisor Juergen Hoebarth photo 4.3
Daniel Pichler Cryptoeconomics Researcher Advisor Daniel Pichler photo 4.3
Riat Audit & Research Advisor Research Institute for FutureCryptoeconomics Advisor Riat photo 4.3
evojam Technology Development Partner Advisor evojam photo 4.3
Bernhard Blaha Co-founder of &, Advisor Advisor Bernhard Blaha photo 6.3
Heinz Grünwald No-bullshit Digital Marketer, Early Stage Crypto Investor & Advisor Advisor Heinz Grünwald photo 4.3
Klaus Hipfinger Co-Founder Dash Embassy D-A-CH & Advisor Advisor Klaus Hipfinger photo 4.3
Robby Schwertner Blockchain Influencer, Cryptocurrency Expert & Advisor Advisor Robby Schwertner photo 11.3
Chaturange Sirimalwatta Cryptocurrency Analyst, Blockchain Enthusiast & Advisor Advisor Chaturange Sirimalwatta photo 4.3
Dusica Lukac Fintech Expert & Advisor Advisor Dusica Lukac photo 4.3
Jadeberg Partners Cooperation Partner Advisor Jadeberg Partners photo 4.3
Brian Heinen Blockchain Strategy & Advocacy Advisor Advisor Brian Heinen photo 11.6
Johann Hansmann Investor and Business Angel Advisors Johann Hansmann photo 4.3
Markus Ceh Manager and owner of the advertising agency 3C-Design Advisors Markus Ceh photo 4.3
Alf Netek Chief Marketing Officer of the Kapsch Group Advisors Alf Netek photo 4.3
Andreas Reinthaler CEO of M27 Consulting and M27 Finance Advisors Andreas Reinthaler photo 4.3
Roland Reisch Tax Adviser and Partner at TPA Horwath Advisors Roland Reisch photo 4.3
Brian Heinen Advisor Advisors Brian Heinen photo 11.6
Daniel Horak Co-Founder and Managing Partner Sales & Marketing Team Daniel Horak photo 4.3
Paul Pöltner Co-Founder and Managing Partner Finance & Business Development Team Paul Pöltner photo 4.3
Karin Turki Chief Marketing Officer Team Karin Turki photo 4.3
Andreas Heissenberger Chief Information Officer Team Andreas Heissenberger photo 4.3
Katharina Ehrenfellner Chief Executive Officer Austria Team Katharina Ehrenfellner photo 4.3
Michael Lipper Head of Investment Management Team Michael Lipper photo 4.3
Erika Boon White Label Partner Manager Team Erika Boon photo 4.3
Sascha Manhart Head of Online Marketing Team Sascha Manhart photo 4.3
Hannah Sturm Head of Campaign Management Team Hannah Sturm photo 4.3
Lara Scheibner Marketing Assistant Team Lara Scheibner photo 4.3
Daniel Pömmer Payment Service Manager Team Daniel Pömmer photo 4.3
Igor Chief Technology Officer Team Igor photo 4.3
Blaž Jamšek Legal Advisor Team Blaž Jamšek photo 4.3
Andreas Petersson Blockchain Enabler & Technical AdvisorCapacity Blockchain Solutions GmbH Team Andreas Petersson photo 11.6

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