Crypto Farmer

Crypto Farmer is the first economic game with elements of cryptocurrency. The simulator simulates blockchain technology. Each participant of the platform will be able to build his own crypto farm and earn a good profit. The structure of Crypto Farmer is built so that a beginner who has never had an idea about the work of mining farms, on the basis of the simulator can not only understand the essence and principle of the computing equipment, but also earn good money on their own.



The simulator was launched in August 2017, and in just a few months managed to attract more than 300 thousand users.

  • Official website:;
  • Start date: 15 August 2017;
  • Referral system: from 1% to 20%;
  • Minimum payment: 1;
  • Minimum withdrawal: 100;
  • Possible profitability: up to 360% annually.

Simulator on the one hand has the elements of the game, and on the other hand, it is a working tool for additional income.

Principles of the game

In the framework of the project, users can play Crypto Farmer and to build virtual power plants, to put different “system blocks”, to run “graphics card” designed for mining, to take care of the process of “cooling”, and generate the blocks and exchange for real currency. According to the general rules, for 10 blocks found, users get 1 internal game coin. As a bonus they will receive 5,000 coins. The structure of the game includes:

  • power plant – industrial equipment that generates electricity for the efficient operation of the farm;
  • farm unit and cards – buy system units during the game, and install them on the graphics card’s working field. The more units you buy, the more power consumption you have;
  • cooling units – to improve the performance of the farm, it is necessary to constantly cool the equipment. During the game players buy several cooling units, and the performance increases;
  • storage facilities – there are always up to 3 warehouses for blocks. It is impossible to prevent the overflow storage blocks. Each separate compartment is filled once a day;
  • bank – for each block created, players get a reward. When buying new equipment in the market, the volume of earnings is growing.


The site does not position itself as a cloud mining service. Having opened the personal account, the computer participates in the mining of the background mode, according to the protocol of consensus Proof-of-Work. The accumulation of all funds is made in PoS, thus there is no need to spend on the purchase of real equipment and there is no need to carry out additional spending on electricity. In the FAQ it is indicated that a new user has registered they will receive 50 thousand coins. In fact, the account balance can be seen only 5000. The resource administration recommends to use a powerful computer, although in test mode, users can mine on a weak PC. There is no need to install the game, as it has a browser version. It is recommended to use Google Chrome browser or similar — Safari. There is no need to keep the computer constantly on. All this will be charged to the account. The built-in blockchain will be like an element of Crypto Farmer’s business logic structure. The site has a WhitePaper, which indicates that the game is now in the testing stage. The site provides a 5-level structure of the referral program, where referrals receive not only a percentage of each new player (from 1% to 20%), but also additional bonuses to the account, as well as an additional harvest (also up to 20%).

Payment and withdrawal

The site presents several options to recharge: through the service Free Kassa; Cryptonator (for litecoin and bitcoin); Bitcoin and Ethereum through Free Kassa; PAYEER – more than 30 options; additional service. Withdrawal is carried out by attaching the wallet address to account: Ethereum; Litecoin; QIWI; Payeer Be. It is allowed to introduce an unlimited number of wallets.

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