Cryptotag is a Dutch security driven company based in Amsterdam. They are a manufacturer of a premium crypto wallet backup solution. Inspired by the hurdles cryptocurrency owners had to take to properly back up their (cold storage) wallet. Cryptotag allows digital asset owners to be their own bank.

Description Cryptotag aims at providing a secure back-up method for storing recovery seeds for cryptocurrencies. While Cryptotag doesn’t provide a wallet for users to store their coins in, it is considered as a cold storage. This means cryptocurrencies can be secured without connecting to the internet. Cryptotag is an cryptocurrency security advocate. They’re spreading awareness about how important it is to control your own keys, thus controlling your own coins. Their slogan: ‘BE YOUR OWN BANK”.

The company has developed a robust ‘indestructible’ back-up system that gives consumers a safe way to HODL. When users create a wallet with a Ledger, Trezor, Keepkey or with Exodus, a backup phrase of 12-24 words is generated automatically through the BIP-39 protocol. Usually, people write these words down on a paper or store them digitally in a Word file, on their Google Drive or take a picture of the words. But this is where things tend to get tricky. Malware could reach users devices, accounts can get hacked and the paper can vanish over time or get caught on fire. Cryptotag’s titanium back-up makes sure the back-up words are visible and still in place when needed. The company has collaborations with companies such as The Litecoin Foundation,, BBC, 99Bitcoins, and Vice.

The company is rapidly growing since the start at June 2016. After recents hacks of Mt.Gox, Bitfinex, Coincheck and Bitgrail people have realised that leaving their coins on the exchange is not a safe way to store their digital assets. That’s why Cryptotag is promoting this safe way of storing coins and having the recovery seed engraved in titanium. Product The company provides a titanium plate that is bulletproof, corrosion resistant, heat resistant up to 1665 °C or 3029 °F and stress free. The Starter Kit comes with a well designed hammer. The hammer is heavier than normal hammers to make sure the process of engraving the words in the plate goes well. The box includes 2 titanium plates to back up at least one or two wallets. There is a container with rubber bottom to hold the titanium plate while engraving it. There are 26 small bars of hardened steel with every letter of the alphabet. For safety measures ear buds are included to protect your ears from the hammer smash. A nice addition are the Cryptotag matches in the box. They can be used to burn the paper where you’ve written down your back-up seed! When users want to spread the risk or simply have multiple wallets it is possible to purchase single unit plates. This way, users can divide their holdings between multiple wallets or manage multiple wallets with savings for their kids.

Compatibility The Cryptotag wallet back-up is compatible with most of the hardware wallets. It is compatible with all hardware wallets using the BIP-39 Protocol including: Ledger Trezor Keepkey Exodus Coolwallet Ellipal And many other devices.

Materials The plates to engrave are made out of Grade 2 Titanium. This Titanium suits the job the best. In the development process they worked together with cryptographers, engineers, designers, the aviation and racing industry and metal workers. The bars with letters are made out of hardened steel.

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