Cryptotalks World

Cryptotalks World is created to meet the need of people in the crypto world. As more and more cryptocurrencies evolved, there is a need to have more places where people can learn, teach and discuss cryptocurrencies.


Account Creation, Posting and Rankings

It is very easy to create an account on CTW Forum. Follow the on-screen directions and fill the registration form as needed.

To make your first post on the forum, scroll through the various boards and look for the one which best suits what you are looking for. You are advised to do due diligence before participating in any form of a giveaway on this forum. Scammers may trick you into sending money in return for handsome rewards which will never be paid.

RANKS and their Required Posts:

  • Newbie = 0
  • Crawler = 5
  • Jr member = 15
  • Member = 35
  • Full member = 55
  • Sr member = 105
  • Jr Hero = 205
  • Sr Hero = 305
  • Super Hero = 505
  • Legendary = 1005

As members make quality posts on this forum, they get karma points in return. Members allowed to award karma points are called Karma Associates. Besides them, Moderators can also issue karma points to members.

The Anti-Scam System

Trying to stop scams in the crypto space is very difficult because members do their businesses anonymously. The team has both plans to stop both bounty and ICO scams but the fact is that the latter cannot be easily tracked. The best way is to act as an escrow and return investors funds to them when the unexpected happens. For this reason, we have the anti-scam group who will do a proper investigation into a project right from the beginning. If there is a hint about the project, the anti-scam team will make an announcement to prevent investors from being scammed. This is one of our targets that we are yet to achieve. Anti-scam agents will be more into ICOs than bounties.

Membership: All members are warmly welcomed to the anti-scam member group. To get rid of the black sheep in our midst, we will accept as many anti-scam agents as possible. Using the same old people will not make the group effective. New members will be added whenever there is a newly qualified member.

The CTW Token

The tokens were issued primarily to be used as the currency of the forum in the payment of hardworking members.

More about the token usage can be found on the official website.

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